My Sister’s Husband Is The Father Of My Son. It’s Not Funny But Many Things Happened – III

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That was the turning point. Uncle Frank became my first love. He visited me every weekend and lavished me with cash, care and consumables. On the campus, I was a big girl, feeding fat on sacrilege.

After graduation, I waited at home in anticipation of mobilisation for the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC. We continued our s3-xval sleaze day and night. Yet my sister didn’t suspect. And I became pregnant! While in school, I had five abortions and so, I vowed never to tread that path again. Besides, Uncle Frank dominated my life and didn’t allow any of my potential relationships to work. I had no boyfriend.

In the midst of my determination no to have an abortion and his confusion on what to do, he hatched a plot. He hired a man who came to pose as my fiancé who lives in Europe.

So, I told my sister that I was pregnant and that my fiancé would come home to see her. She informed her husband. A week later, my rented fiancé showed up and we all acted the script as written and produced by Uncle Frank. My sister fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Six months later, I was delivered of a baby boy. Uncle Frank transferred one million naira to my account, asked me to withdraw the money and pass it to my sister. I told her that my fiancé sent the money for the naming ceremony. Uncle Frank also hired two women who posed as my fiancé’s relatives who participated actively in the naming ceremony. Everything worked out as planned.

Now, I have just moved out of my sister’s house. Uncle Frank has rented a flat for me and our son. As far as my sister is concerned, I’m a lucky girl who has a rich fiancé in Europe. Indeed, she is living in illusion. And me? A classic case of hallucination. I just need the courage to walk up to my sister and end this theatre of the absurd…

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