The Night I Lost My Vir-g!nity – 3

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When i get 2 church, i did all i had 2 do,and it was now time 2 go home…OMO..House i no fit go na,dem get their girlfriends for house…well i go sleep 4 church be dat,i go go house early tomorrow morning ni ye o…. I called Ayo if truly Afolarin was tellin d truth by sayin d girl is sleeping over night?…. Ayo:How far!

Me:Bad,where you dey? Ayo:Why you dey bad na?…i dey house.. Me:I dey Bad coz i no fit sleep for house.. Ayo:Ah Ah..who be d person wey talk say make you no sleep house…?. Me:Na all of una o Ayo:How na?…who be d magga wey talk say make you no sleep house?… Me:Well,na my destiny sha… Ayo:Laughs Me:Wetin you dey do now?… Ayo:Me dey watch film,Afolarin go buy petrol…why d rest carry one girl wey dey our house go out sha… Me:D girl dey sleep our house? Ayo:Yes na,why we go buy petrol before? Me:Hmmmm…dat be d reason i know wan sleep house.. Time as gone by now,i cant sleep in church again…Reason is dat mosquito will kill me and i didnt prepare to sleep in church…It was around 7:58pm now,so i took my leave…

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