Fast & Furious: Cindy Rode Me Till My D!-cck Almost Broke – 3

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As she predicted her eyes started to flicker after a while and she dozed off right there in the chair. It was a bit of a struggle but he managed to get her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. He slept on the sofa and was awoken early the next morning with Cindy playing with his d!-cck.

“I’d like to cover it with whipped cream and l!-cck it all off,” she said, looking completely rejuvenated.

Chris said he couldn’t wait for that but he thought they should have coffee first, “Coffee always makes me feel h0r-ny,” he said.

“Great, let’s have some coffee then.”

While she lay on the sofa fingering her sl!t, he made a good strong cup and laced it with brandy.

“It tastes a bit different,” she said, “Sort of tangy.”

“It’s a special blend I get from Ethiopia,” he smiled, “Drink up I think we should both have a second cup.”

To cut a long story short Chris kept her libated all week-end. He put vodka in the curry, Jack Daniels in the scrambled eggs and Creme de Menthe in the dessert. However, before they left for the airport on the Sunday afternoon he thought maybe they should have a farewell fv-cck, after all she was a very beautiful woman.

As she lay on the bed he gently opened her legs and put his face between them. With his fingers and tongue he played with her pink folds and she gr0-@ned and m0-aned and even giggled a little. He was feeling quite h0-rny and his d!-cck, in spite of all the punishment it took on the first day, was now as hard as a rock.

He moved between her legs and gentle slipped it into her wet groove it felt great but before started to move it in and out she began to snore and the spell was broken. Chris, now a little deflated, let her sleep until it was time to leave for the airport.

“I’m really sorry I’ve been so tired,” she said, before she left to board her flight, “I feel I’ve disappointed you, I had such an exciting week-end planned for us. I wanted us to do it in the shower, in the tub and even on the balcony under the moon.”

“Well we can do all those things when I get back from Ethiopia.”

“You’re going to Ethiopia?” she gasped.

“Yes the people I buy coffee from want me to go there as a taster.”

“How long will you be gone,” she asked, sliding her hand down his crotch.

“Just a couple of years,” he said, piling on the lies, “Unfortunately they don’t have internet up in the mountains.”

It was a teary goodbye and he felt a little sorry for her but as she joined the line at the gate he saw her fing-re!ng the a$$ of the tall male passenger in front of her. There was doubt in his mind that her new found friend was just about to join the “mile high club.”

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