My Wife Is Charging Me Money To Have S3-x With Me- Pls Advice 2

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The next morning she got his breakfast but he pushed it aside and when he left for work he did not give her the customary k!-$$. After three days he was getting desperate and she knew it. To tease him she drew up a menu with her prices and stuck it in his place at the supper table. He just tore it up in tiny pieces and went out for a drink.

Hal got very drunk and actually picked up a gorgeous blonde in the bar. She let him put his hand up her dress and it looked very promising until he located a c0-cck almost twice the size of his. Completely deflated he staggered home, dropped into bed and mumbled curse words to himself until he went to sleep.

On the fourth night he tried to negotiate the price but Deidre was not open to cutting the rates. She was a hot property and she knew it. With a tight little vag-!na, magic fingertips, big t!ts and luscious l!ps, she figured she was offering good value for money.

In spite of her taunting him, by walking around the house half-nak3d, Hal managed to hold out for almost three weeks. When he cracked he asked what it would cost him for the whole package and she said seven hundred. He shook his head in disbelief and asked if she’d take a check.

“I’m sorry, Hal, but I want cash.”

It was ten-thirty at night and he angrily threw on his jacket and went out to find an ATM machine. It rained on the way back and he got soaked but she looked so good when he entered the living room he was not about to complain. She was wearing a gorgeous blue see-through negligee but she slipped it off when he came through the door and directed him to the shower.

He was so excited when she climbed in with him, even though it was difficult for her to squeeze past his d!-cck, that was erect and ready for action. Deidre turned on the water until the temperature was just right and then proceeded to soap up a big natural sponge. His body was twitching in anticipation, and when she proceeded to work it around his ba||s he closed his eyes and started to gr0-@n.

She did a thorough job from the crack in his a$$ to the tip of his c0-cck and then she dried him off with a big fluffy towel. Hal was beginning to really appreciate having money in the bank…

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