My Wife Is Charging Me Money To Have S3-x With Me- Pls Advice – 4

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Deidre, was now writhing with passion and searching out his l!ps she poked her tongue in and out of his mouth. Suddenly she stopped and took a big breath, her body began to vibrate violently and she screamed “Oh fv-cck,” as she came, and then “fv-cck, fv-cck, fv-cck,” as he continued to wiggle his finger over her cl!-t.

Although he desperately wanted to eat her out it seemed she wanted him on top of her immediately. Hal knelt between her legs, and although he felt the urge to ram his throbbing c0-cck into her there and then, he decided to make her wait. However, when she yelled, “Fv-cck me you bastard – you can keep the money,” he quickly penetrated her quivering quim.

He kept driving his hard c0-cck into her, as she spread out her arms and grabbed onto the sheets. Her beautiful t!-ts were bouncing from side to side and her face was contorted as if in some sort of pain as he pounded her pv-$sy relentlessly. When he felt his cv-m getting ready to blow he went faster and faster, and cried out, “you can have the fv-cck!ng money – you can have all of it,” as he shot his load.

Bolts of lightning seemed to be searing though her whole body as she wrapped her legs around his a$$ and screamed at the top of her voice. Several minutes passed before she stopped shaking and he rolled off of her.

Lying on the bed looking up at the ceiling, Deidre took his hand and whispered,

“That was wonderful Hal, I’d love to do it all over again.”

“It will cost you.”

“How much?” she asked, cuddling up close.

“Well, as in a moment of unbridled passion I gave you the whole $10,000, why don’t we say $5000 and then we’ll have split my inheritance fifty-fifty.”

“That seems fair,” she giggled, “You give me a check for ten and I’ll give you $5000 in cash.”

“Cash !? Where the hell did you get $5000 in cash,” he asked, sitting bolt upright.

“Well – when you were being mean about your money and I wasn’t getting any c3-x, I decided to peddle my assets to the neighbors – I’ve built up quite a good business, in fact I’m fully booked all next week.”

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