Cu-m Competition With Queensley The Squ!rter – 2

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A day later, Tuesday evening actually, Queensley buzzed to come over to see me for the first time and I gave her my address. I didn’t think I was going to have s3-x with her because I love to get to know my toys first before eating them up.

We have got all the time, so why not?

1 hour later she is at my house and the first thing I noticed was her b0-0bs.

Mehn!!!! They looked so cute and full and her n!-pples were so hard even from her bra. I had to focus on her face and resist the temptation.

“Nice apartment”, she said and I smiled back saying thank you. I ushered her into my room because I wanted to smoke and be free. offered her a bottle of vodka while I sipped on my Campari.

She spotted my bookshelf and was amazed at how many books I owned. She never felt Nigerian authors were a thing to be addicted to and I smiled through her amazement.

She spotted my Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and was mind blown, she said she had always wanted to read them, I said she could. (Mental note, “always make your toys happy”)

A few of my friends came over to drink with me and one of the guys couldn’t stop staring at her. I laughed and said she was mine to eat and I wouldn’t be sharing.

I noticed she couldn’t keep eye contact with me. She would look away and become so timid and damn that was some crazy high for me. I sat directly opposite her smoking and staring at her and I could see how uncomfortable she was and that shit was turning me the fv-cck on.

Unconsciously she was inviting my alter ego and she had no clue what she was doing

Let me tell you about my alter ego.

I like to call her Diezani. She is a fv-cck!ng handful and it’s so hard to control her when she comes to play. She loves timid people so much because it massages her ego and all she could ever think about is how to completely tame you.

She is a natural Dominatrix and seeks a submissive to devour. She is the “SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED”

oh my, I just deviated. Back to the story..

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