Cu-m Competition With Queensley The Squ!rter – 3

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My friends decided to leave a few minutes to 10, I walked them to the car. One of the guys asked for her number and she declined and I could hear Diezani say “good girl” to her.

I locked her in my house to see them off. I got back home and Queensley was out of her clothes kneeling by my bed.

Damn, this bitch was s3-xy as fv-cck, I couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that she had a black net bra on and her G-str!ng was black as well.

So s3-xy!! No wonder her n!-pples couldn’t help but be obvious.

I sat down and stared at her while she remained in that position not making eye contact with me. At this point, Teema was nowhere to be found and Diezani was in full action, SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED.

I asked her to look at me and she could barely do it. Damn, I loved the rush it gave, she finally spoke,

“Tell me what you want and I promise to do everything”

I replied, “Everything?”

“Everything mama”

“Take off your pant and bra. I want to see you nak3d and do it slowly for my pleasure”

“Yes mama”

She goes ahead to take them off slowly with little or no eye contact and I could feel my pv-ssy twitch with every move she made

“You like it, mama?”

“Touch yourself for me… Lay down and spread your legs and show me your pv-ssy”

“Yes mama”

She goes ahead to do as instructed, it was so s3-xy with every move she made.

Her perfect nails circled around her cl!-t slowly while her free hand squeezed her n!-pples.

Godammit!!! I am fv-cck!ng wet already staring at her.

She begins to m0-@n and I get lost in her sound.

“Put your fingers inside”

She begins to fv-cck herself and was m0-@n!ng mama mama mama and I lost it totally.

“Beg me to have you. Tell me how bad you want me.” She began to beg while she fv-ccked herself and I kept screaming louder with a voice so stern and she matched my energy.

Damn….. She isn’t allowed to cv-m so I stopped her

“Come to mama baby”

She approached crawling to me, and all I wished for was to see her in chains.

Well, don’t blame me……. Diezani is a handful

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