Cu-m Competition With Queensley The Squ!rter – 4

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I held her face and asked her to keep staring at me. She continued to do that and I k!-$$sed her passionately. My right hand scooped her b0-0bs and felt her n!-pples so hard begging me to taste them.

I began to squeeze her n!-pples as hard as I could and I felt her grinding underneath me. I put my l!ps on her n!-pple and sv-ccked on it like my life depended on it.

She kept m0-@n!ng my name, that shit fv-ccking turned me on. I caught the other n!-pple and did the same to it. I took my mouth off and started to k!-$$ her all over and watched her body shake with every move I made.

She kept begging for more and I loved how she shook underneath me, that shit made me want to touch her more.

I finally found my way in between her thick thighs and started to k!-$$ them. My finger found her cl!-t and she was wet AF. I planted k!-$$es on them and spread her legs wide open. I started to sv-cck on that cl!t like I hadn’t eaten in a long time.

She tasted so good, so I made her happy. I moved my left hand to her n!-pples while I inserted my right fingers into her. I felt her walls clench and her body shake, I loved it. I continued finger f!!-cking her while I sv-ccked the life out of her pv-$sy while squeezing every bit of her n!-pples

I heard a scream and I knew she was about to cv-m and I stopped

I needed her to beg for more and she did. I got up, went to have a stick of cigarette and she was lying down so sad.

I asked her to touch herself after a while and she began to do it…..

I finished my stick and brought out my wand. She saw the size of it and her eyes lit up and I could see her smiling

Well.. well… well… Let’s turn this shit up!

I brought out my other vibr@-tr that’s a d!-cck and turned it on as well, this bitch is gonna get fv-ccked tonight and I’m not gonna show mercy. I went back to her cl!-t and sv-ckked on it while I inserted the d!-cck in her and fv-ccked her with it. She kept screaming and I didn’t stop.

“Please mama, fv-cck me, own me, break me, bruise me” for every request she gave, I fv-ccked her harder for it.

I am Diezani and I must be obeyed! You don’t give me orders!!!

She came and I saw her legs shaking. I took off the d!-cck and turned on the wand. it’s time for me to have my fair share of fun because I am so fv-ccking wet

I put the wand in between us and I took the position to scissor. cl!-t to cl!-t is a form of high for me but it’s crazier when there is something vibrating with each movement

I put one of her legs on my shoulder and spread that pv-ssy apart for my pleasure. I put the wand between us and started to grind.

Fv-ccking shit!!!!!!! Damn baby

I was grinding hard and she was matching my energy.

I started to grind faster after increasing the speed of the vibration, then I heard her screaming so loud.

“Oh my god….. fv-cck….. fv-cck…… fv-cck me….. damn…. please don’t stop….. fv-cck me……”

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