Cu-m Competition With Queensley The Squ!rter -5

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I was about to cv-m, then I slowed when I felt a strong push against me. she had squ!-rt all over and her legs couldn’t stop shaking.

I pulled her back in and continued to grind with just our pv-ssy in contact. she squ!-rts again and every time it happened, I felt like a god

I came so hard and I felt my pv-$sy twitch back to back like it was so happy to have been fed.

I got up and went to clean up, she was so shy.

She apologized for my soaked bed and said it was her first time squ!-rt!ng, that information massaged my ego so much and I k!-$$ed her and told her I loved it

I gave her a bath and cudd|ed her to sleep.

I woke her up in the morning with a bullet in between her legs while I sv-ccked on her n!-pples.

She woke up m0-@n!ng and I enjoyed the sounds out of her grumpy morning voice. She started to shake and clench my sheets and I flipped her over. I needed that a$$ in full view.

You know how you cut onions in equal halves and place them side by side? Onion bv-tty baby!!!

I spanked her a$$ as hard as I could. She has been a naughty girl waking up late and making me miss her pv-$$y….. she deserves to be punished

I slid the d!-cck vibra-t0r into her wet pv-ssy and started to fv-cck her from behind. Damn I could hear her wet pv-ssy and her m0-@ns made me hungry for more

I grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled her to me and instructed her to keep teasing that cl!-t with the bullet. (Ain’t I generous? LoL)

I pleasured her till she came and she k!-$$ed me, good morning..

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