My Husband Took Everything I Have Worked For And Married Another Woman-Pls Advise 2

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When I challenged Chidi about his sneaky phone calls, he then told me that its just a yoruba girl disturbing him, that I should not mind. So, I was calm. Later, I was wondering why Chidi was not talking about our marriage as we have discussed for so long. He said he wants me to get a job first cos I just came back in the country. While I was looking for a job, I got pregnant and I told Chidi that I don’t want to have a baby outside wedlock and he said its no big deal, that we can get married but it will be quiet, only traditional marriage for now.

I agreed but when it was time for him to come with his family to see my family, Chidi came with his friend alone. I asked him why, he said he has been hiding it from me, that his family is against our marriage because they found out that I did pr0stitut!0n in Europe for 5 years. I was shocked. Like, they didn’t hesitate to take the money I sent them from pr0stitut!0n but they are not in support of their son marrying me?

We did traditional only. And one day, I called Chidi’s mother to tell her I was not happy that she did not support my wedding after all I did for them and their son. It was that call that the woman cursed me with all the curse in my life. She said I was an ashawo and not good for their son, that I have brought shame to their family. She then said, I better leave her son cos he has a good woman who has a son for him.

To my uttermost shock, Chidi’s mother revealed that Chidi has a son with that yoruba girl. I confronted Chidi and he was upset that I called his mother. He confirmed that he has a son and that he is also married to the lady but that he only married me because of all I have done for him. That he married the girl in church and court but me, its only traditional he did for me. That he only married me cos he does not want to disappoint me.

Chidi said since I have found out, that no need for him to lie anymore. Since then,Chidi spends time more with his other woman and her son. Since then, its quarrel and fight me and Chidi are doing. He prefers that woman more to me. I gave birth and Chidi did not even come for the baby’s naming ceremony. I feel so sad and most times thoughts of killing myself or ending the marriage keeps coming to me…

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