Weekend At Its Best: A Perfect Bliss With My Hot Teacher – 2

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We sm0-0ched for 20-25 min. Then I removed her t-shirt and her big b0-0bs were eager to come out of her bra. I started to squeeze her b0-0bs badly and k!-$$ed her cl3-@age over her bra. She was m0-@n!ng and kept saying to sv-cck it. Then, I removed her bra too and melons just jumped when they were released.I started to pinch her n!-pples, bit her n!-pples and then k!-ssed them badly.

Meanwhile, she unzipped my pants and started to stroke my d!-cck. It was erected till that time. Just by watching it, she was shocked and said my baby has so grown up to 6.5″Inches. Then, she k!-ssed the tip and started to roll her tongue over it. Then, I put her whole mouth over my d!-cck. It felt so warm and I just closed my eyes and put my head back on the sofa. She was giving me the blow-j0bof my life. Really, she gave me the s3-x!est blowj0b. She is expert in that.

I was about to cv-m. So, I held her head and pushed her deep and ejacv-lated. She drank all my cv-m. Then, she said that she enjoyed it after a long time. Then I pushed her back on the sofa and removed her shorts. She was not wearing her panty inside. So, I just kept my finger on it and she was already wet there.

I started finger-!ng her slowly. She was m0-@n!ng with an excitement and I started to k!-sa her pv-ssy. Oh, it was warm there. Then, I spread her pv-ssy walls and inserted my tongue deep into her pv-ssy. She was m0-@n!ing badly that time. I kept on sv-ck!ng it and fing3r-!ng her at the same time. I also l!-ck3d her a$$-hole and she ejacv-lated all over my face.

Then, I came up and sm0-0ched her again. She started to stroke my c0-cck and it became erect again. She came to me and adjusted my c0-cck to her pv-$sy. Then, I started to jump slowly. It was tight as she did not have s3-x for a long time. But after getting in, she started to enjoy. I was holding her a$$ and pumping her. Then, she gave her n!-pples into my mouth.

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