Weekend At Its Best: A Perfect Bliss With My Hot Teacher – 3

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She was m0-@n!ng heavily. We changed our position to the do-ggy style and was pumping her. She too responded by m0-@n!ng and “Fv-cck hard fv-cck hard. Ohh yes, cu-mm, cu-mmmm, my boyy”. I want itttt. Gooo onn”. I was about to cu-m and soon she asked me to cu-m inside her pv-ssy.

I loaded a lot of sp3-rms into her pv-ssy with a loud m0-@n and felt on her. All the sp3-rm was oozing out of her pv-ssy. We laid for a while there. I sm0-0ched her and took her to the bedroom and slept nak3-d. We woke up in the evening and I sm0-0ched her. She was fing3r-!ng herself and she too started to stroke my c0-cck. We had another session there.

Then I said,

Me: I want to see you in a short s3-xy gown again, babe.

She looks like a bombshell in that short.

She: yeah my dear. Anything for you.

Me: today, we will do introduction. I want to marry you, babe.

She: I love you, dear. I also want to.

So we woke up and we had s3-x in the shower. Then, I went out and bought some wine and other stuff for the night. Till then, she was ready in a black color chiffon gown showing amp full of her waist. So, that exposed her s3-xy navel with a backless black color blouse with the deep neck. That would expose her big melons. She was looking an angel at that time. My c0-cck just got erected by watching her.

She smiled and gave a k!-ss on my l!ps. Then, we danced together and had dinner and had a lot of fun for 2 days. I fv-ck3d her in her an@-l too. She never rejected me to do. I explored her everywhere and enjoyed for two days. I fv-ck!ng her every corner of her house. It was an awesome weekend for me.

She went back to the USA and will come back soon as she promised. So, I am waiting for her…

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