Office Collabo: Banging My Short H0rny Colleague – 2

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We decided to move from the spot as a few passing cars/bikes seem to have noticed us. While trying to get my riding mask back up, I mistakenly pulled her leggings up to my nose. The exotic smell of her juices gave me a different level of high.

I just put my helmet on top of that and started my bike. Rima hopped on immediately and I went at full speed towards her place. She kept massaging my d!-cck throughout the way. I put my left hand back occasionally and pinched her inner thighs and rubbed my fingers on her pv-ssy region over her panties.

By the time she got off my bike below her apartment, Rima’s juices were literally dripping down her thighs. The sight of her juices running down those beautiful thighs, sparkling against the parking area light was just WOW!!

Once we got into the lift, and the slide doors shut, I grabbed her a$$ and gave it a hard squeeze. She gave a long sigh, turned, and hugged me tightly. I just slid my fingers from one side of her thongs and started rubbing her a$$-hole. Her breath was getting shorter and labored. She was biting on my shoulder to control her m0-@ns.

I pulled her thongs down till the hemline of her dress. She tried to pull it up when we reached her floor, but I did not let her do that.

Once Rima unlocked the door to her apartment, I just grabbed her by the waist, covered her mouth, and shoved her in, rubbing my hard-on on her nak3d a$$. I kicked the door close, turned her around, and pushed her against the wall. She gave out a m0-@n when her b0-0bs pressed against my chest, “Aaaaahhhhh, Maaxxxx.”

Immediately shoved two fingers into her pv-ssy. She just went ecstatic and started to m0-@n loudly.

“Maaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxx aaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhh oooooohhhhh, baby am all yours from now on, do what you want and when you want to me. I will be your slu-t for life.”

I fingered the fully ar0-used and Rima even more aggressively now. I started rubbing her CL!t-0ris with my thumb and plugged her a$$-hole with my third finger. I turned her around with my finger still in her a$$. She went “Aaaaahhhhh oooooohhhhhh oooooooo Maaaaaaaa” when my finger in her a$$ rotated without coming out.

I covered her mouth with my hand and kept rubbing her pv-$$y walls with my thumb. I pulled her head back and sv-ccked on her juicy lips for another 10 minutes and released her l!ps and her holes at the same time.

Then I held her hair in a fist and pulled her close to me and started l!-ccking her ear lobes and she went “mmmmmmhhhhhh.”

I k!-ssed her behind her ears (do this if you really care for your partner getting great pleasure), l!-ccked and sv-ccked her there for some time while moving down her neck leaving a trail of my saliva all the way. She just held my head with her fingers in my hair and kept pressing my head closer to her neck.

I undid two upper zip and started  l!-ck!ng-k!-$$!ng-sv-ck!ng her collar bone. Rima just went “mmmhhhhhhhmmmm uuuuuuufffffffff.”

I knew she was enjoying my every move. Moving further down, I grabbed her left n!-pple between my teeth from above her turquoise bra.

I bit her n!-pple for a few minutes while massaging her other b0-0b hard with one hand and rubbing her cl!-t0ris with the other. I knew she was enjoying all this as she took turns raising her hips and chest to get more of the action they were getting.

After mauling her b0-0bs and pv-$$y for about 10 minutes, she started to shiver and shout, “Ooo Maa, Oooo Maa, Naa Naaa” and was jerking her hips like crazy.

I knew she was starting to have her first org-asm. She squ!-rted hard with a loud, “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gooooooooooooo.”

A girl org-asming while m0-@ning in her mother tongue has a different level of ecstasy.

I dove between her legs to lap up as much juice as I could. She kept squ!-rming and hissing while I l!-cked all the nectar flowing out of her love hole. I then started french k!-$$ing her pv-ssy, with enough tongue action to make her jerk her hips high into the air to get more of me. She was holding my hair and pushing me deeper into her.

I placed my hands in a way that her legs went above my shoulders. I, then suddenly sat up straight pulling her hips along with me. Her m0-@ns filled up the whole apartment. She hooked her legs around my neck and used her legs and hands to pull me further into her pv-ssy. I started to sv-cck everything out of her pv-ssy with all my might.

Rima went crazy and shouted “Baaaaaabbbbaaaaaaarrrreeeeeeee.” I put my tongue into her pv-ssy and licked all around it with no mercy.

I started l!-cking her cl!-t0ris very lightly at first and then started to press it harder with every passing second.

After a few minutes. I held her cl!-t0ris lightly with my teeth and gripped the area around it with my l!ps and started sv-ck!ng it heavily. She went, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaah aah aaaaah aaaaaahhh oooohhhh ohhhh oooohhhhh ooooohhh.”

Having the fear of injury to her waist, I kept her down while she was still squirming heavily with my actions. She had her second wave of org-asm, which was more intense than the first one. I did not allow even a drop to go waste this time.

When I got up from her pv-$sy, she was lying lifelessly on her living room couch. I picked her up and took her into her bedroom. Placing her on her bed, I unbuttoned up her dress completely and gave a hard sv-cck on her cl3-@vage making it wet with my saliva.

I slid my fingers through the short sleeves of her dress and pulled out the bra straps. I pulled them out of her hands and left them hanging outside her dress.

Now she looked like a real wh0re: dress wide open, bra-straps hanging down from the side and the cup just barely covering her n!-pples. She was still recovering from her rapid double org-@sms.

I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. I found a pack of bread and some veggies in her fridge. I prepared 2 club sandwiches each and took them to the bedroom. She opened her eyes the moment I entered. She jumped up and tried to cover herself, with her dress.

I smiled, and said, “Next time I won’t be gentle with anything that hides my dessert from me.”

s3-xy Rima blushed and left her dress, as it was. I handed one plate to her and asked her to eat well to have energy for the whole night. I sat on the chair kept near her study table. I kept my gaze locked on her while having my dinner. She was a bit shy for the first few seconds, but relaxed after a couple of bites.

After finishing one sandwich, she got up from the bed, kept the plate on the table, and kneeled in front of me. Her slu-tty eyes and the wh0re like condition she was in stimulated rapid movements in my groin.

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