Office Collabo: Banging My Short H0rny Colleague – 4

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Rima was squ!-rming and shivering while moa-n!ng loudly. I threw her on the bed and started to eat her pv-ssy. I was lic-k!ng, biting, and suc-k!ng hard on her cl!-t0ris. All this while Rima was just trying to pull my d!-cckk into her mouth.

I bent a bit and shoved my d!-cck roughly into her mouth and started to fv-cck her mouth with my d!-cck and her slu-tty, slippery, and wet pv-ssy with 3 fingers. Within just 5 minutes of hard-c0re action, she had a massive org-@sm.

I continued fv-ck!ng Rima’s mouth as I was yet to cu-m and she was eagerly su-cck!ng on my d!-cck. She started to play and squeeze my balls again and she changed the sequence this time and I shot my load into her mouth about 2 minutes after her org-@sm. She swallowed the whole load this time.

I asked her to clean only her mouth and come back for the main event. She limped into the washroom taking support from the walls. Her dress and bra were still on her and that made her look even more slu-tty and more arou-sing.

She kept the door open while cleaning her mouth, I went into the washroom, held her tightly by her waist, and started bite-su-cck!ng at the nape of her neck. She went, “Ooohhhh mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa.” I was already hard by the time I reached the washroom.

I simply turned her around and raised her left leg and placed it on my right shoulder. I picked her up and made her sit on the washbasin. With her left leg still on my shoulder, I shoved my whole length into her wet pu-$$y at once. She just went “Ooooooooooo Mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa.”

I kept still for a few seconds for her to accommodate my monster.

Once Rima was done with her m0-@n, I started slow and swift in and out action. The bathroom was filled up with the sound of my balls hitting her a$$ and her mo-@ns.

After fu-cck!ng her for 5-6 minutes in that position, I picked her up with my d!-cck still inside her and brought her to the bed. I sat on the bed and made her sit on my lap with my throbbing d!-cck inside her pv-ssy. She started to bounce in my lap. She was m0-@n!ng, “Aaaahhhh aaaahhh oooohhhhh mmmmmhhhh hhhhmmmmm” all the while.

As I had already had two org-asms, I knew it would take me some time to reach my cl!-max. I was enjoying the view of her t!ts bouncing with her every movement.

I held her neck delicately and k!-ssed her passionately while she was jumping on my d!-cck. I unclasped her bra and threw it away. I held her close to me and started matching her bounce with upward strokes. She was enjoying the whole thing.

She was getting tired, so, I laid her down on the bed and started pounding her cu-nt with all my might. I was squeezing her a$$ with one hand and kneading her b0-0bs with the other.

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