My Sister Is An Evil Serpent Trying To Destroy My Happiness-Pls Advice – 2

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To me, I was like…hmmm…this is crazy but  I told my mother who was so happy I finally found love again. The relationship became stronger and Joe asked my parents for permission to marry me. A family meeting was called and Winnie was asked if she still has feelings for Joe and in her typical fashion, she said…abeg, I don’t even remember who Joe is.

So, after it was clear, that Joe and Winnie were done, Joe and I started planning our marriage. It was during the planning, my emotions were tested. Of course, as my immediate younger sister, Winnie was my chief bridesmaid. I used to feel a certain jealousy when I saw her laughing or talking with Joe. I rejected those thoughts cos Winnie too was engaged to a very rich man.

I also felt, Winnie and Joe were just being free and getting along. However, as our wedding got closer, like a few weeks to the date, Winnie started being disrespectful to me. Yes, as the wedding planning was taking a toll on everyone, I excused her behavior not until, she did something and I was scolding her and she spat something out of anger to me.

Winnie was like, I should stop shouting at her all because I am getting married to a man she rejected. I was like…what? Of course, she apologized later and said she did that out of anger. Everyone knows Winnie for her very bad mouth. I forgave her but I still noticed she was like avoiding me just days before wedding. I almost relieved her of her chief bridesmaid duties if not that Joe and my dad said I should ignore her.

Wedding came. A beautiful one. Winnie was still acting cold a bit but she just kept telling me to forget about her, that she is having issues with her fiancé. At the back of my mind, I was afraid that she maybe be feeling bad that I was happy and getting married to someone who she rejected but makes me so happy.

For our honeymoon, we went to Kenyan. We spent a week before we returned. I went back to work and Joe got another job cos the company policy. So, Joe would drop me off at work before going to work. A week after we resumed back at work, Winnie came to visit us. I was actually not at home when she came. But hubby called me to tell me Winnie was around.

It was a Saturday, i went out shopping and when I returned, Winnie was alone in my house, Joe had gone out. He left a message that his boss called him for something urgent. Anyways, I met Winnie but this girl horridly left as soon as I came back from market. She came up with story that she was in a hurry.

When Joe came back that evening, he called me and told me that he wants to tell me something. He said I should be very careful of my sister Winnie because he left the house earlier in the day cos Winnie tried to seduce him while I was away. I was shocked and my heart started beating. I told him I was going to confront Winnie but he said I should not bother cos she is family and he does not want any trouble.

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