What Started As A Joke Turned Out To Be A Steamy thre3-some 2

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My boyfriend always locks his tongue there for around 15 minutes. Yeah, I was going nuts, enjoying being l!-ccked. He started to rub my an-a| with his nose and l!-ccking simultaneously with his tongue. He started to rub my pv-ssy now, “Aah,” this time, it struck all my nerves. Yes, I had waited for one year for this.

I was already oozing when he touched me with his fingertip. He turned me around again and started to l!-cck my navel and rub my pv-ssy. “OMG, don’t stop, baby.”

Then, my boyfriend suddenly put his head down to my love-hole. I was already shivering at that moment. He l!-ccked my pv-ssy for almost 10 minutes. I was already too wet down there and he never cares. He l!-ccked everything that came out of my love hole. He took it on his l!ps and comes over me and put it over my n!-pples, and l!-ccked it there. That was really such an amazing moment of my life.

My bf almost dug every corner of my pv-ssy, he was still digging with his finger. His 3 fingers could easily penetrate inside me. He started to rub me till my core. I can’t explain how it feels when your man takes charge of your love-hole. Love-honey was dripping from everywhere and he didn’t waste a single drop.

I was already on cloud 9 and I needed sometime before I take control of his d!-cck. We slept nak3-d side by side. I just took his tool in my hand and was giving him a gentle stroke to keep him hard. We were k!-$$ing in that position, and then I took my mobile to play some p0-rn.

We always watch p0-rn to make ourselves try new things and to keep the excitement on high.

My boyfriend now made me bend like a dog, and placed the mobile in front of us, and played a random video. Then he started to thrust my pv-ssy in that position.


He was about to enter me, he was making a way for his tool inside me. The video which was playing on the mobile, was of a guy fv-ccking a girl from behind, yeah, in the same way as my man fv-ccking me. But that was a thr3-some video where another girl was sv-ckking the b0-0bs of the other girl by sleeping beneath them.

It was such an intense video and we both were enjoying that scene while we were fv-ccking by watching it.

My man increased his pace by now, and I was in heaven already. In the heat of the moment, my evil mind asked my boyfriend, how it would be if we also try that scene from the video?

We both got ar0-used by what I told him. But I was tense thinking how it would feel for him. He didn’t reply for a while. He lay over him and whispered in my ears, “Let’s try it.”

OMG, this ignited the fire in us again. We started to continue in the missionary position. I told him we should try it with my friend Diane. We were discussing having a thr3some with Diane, but we were not sure if she will join in or not. But, I wanted to give it a try…

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