An Affair With My Father’s Childhood Friend Is Disturbing My Relationship – 2

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Jacob, Uncle E’s staff gave me dinner and I went to bed. I had a dream, a s3-x dream and it was about Uncle E. I woke up and realized it was around 3am. I went to the fridge in the kitchen to drink water. I guess Uncle E heard the noise I made and he came to the kitchen.

The man saw it was me and was like, what are you doing here. I told him I had a dream about him. He laughed and said, what was the dream about. I told him what the dream was about. Uncle E just looked at me in shock and said, this girl don’t put me in trouble. He left and went back to his room.

As I made my way back to sleep, I changed my mind and went back to Uncle E’s room. He was in bed, and I went on top of him. I felt this strange power over me. He kept saying no no…we cant but I said, yes, I want to. Uncle E and I became lovers that night.

I stopped coming home and completed the rest of my service year in the state cos of Uncle E. My parents kept getting upset why I was not coming home but they thought I was just being rebellious. Not knowing I was in love with Uncle E. Uncle E treats me like a queen and loves me so much. We both are hiding our relationship cos of our age bracket and because he is my father’s friend. I think Jacob knows about us but he is minding his own business. We hide very well when any of Uncle E’s sons are around too.

It was one of the best time of my life. I was loved by a perfect gentleman as Uncle E. He made me the woman that I am today but we had to end things after my service year cos …mmmm…its no one would support our relationship.

Well, I always wish things were different cos what me and Uncle E had was some real mature love. A year later, I met John. We met on a flight to Dubai and we got talking. John is a great guy and we hit it off quite quickly. Things are getting serious with John.

I think my dad mentioned my relationship with John to Uncle E and he started messaging me. Old flames are being awakened. I been talking to Uncle E for some weeks now and its making my relationship difficult with John. John is suspecting I am cheating but he has not caught me.

Uncle E wants to me to end things with John because he says he is ready to tell my dad about us. I would very much love to be with Uncle E…if my dad would agree but again, but that probability is so low. I am scared what my parents will think…what his sons will think…Uncle E says we should not be bothered what other people think cos we are both adults old enough to make decisions for ourselves.

I need your advice…Uncle E is now 59…I am 28….now, he is great…kind, still handsome and got some swag but who knows….what if he passes on before our children grow old enough…I might end up being a young widow…I am confused.

Uncle E is my one true love…..mature, kind and very caring. John is young but you cannot compare him to the character of the kind of man that Uncle E is…

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