Confession: It All Happened Suddenly, I Slept With My Married Office Colleague – 2

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I couldn’t say no to that. Not when I was drunk. Not when I was sober. I just picked her up by holding her bv-tts, she wrapped her legs around my waist while I slammed her into the wall.

We k!-$$ed and k!-$$ed each other’s mouth like pigs. I was pressing my d!-cck onto her vag!-na. She couldn’t control herself and held my d!-cck and guided herself on to it. Suddenly, I felt a warm and wet cv-nt, sliding onto my semi erect d!-cck. That coupled with her a$$ on my hands and her b0-0bs against my chest immediately made my d!-cck fully erect.

I slammed into her vag-!na hard. She m0-@ned loudly and hugged me tightly. I pulled it back out and rammed it again inside touching her inner walls. She was gasping for air, while m0-@ning whenever she could breathe. She said, “Put me on the bed and do it.” I obliged.

I threw her on the bed, lifted her legs, spread them apart and started l!-cck!ng her pv-$$y.

Presh: First, fv-cck me please. I am not able to control myself.

I took pity on her and entered her again. This time I was on top of her and started fv-cck!ng her slowly. She pulled my face closer to hers and started k!-$$!ng me and biting my l!s hard in between. This ar0-used me even more and I started increasing my pace.

She stopped k!-$$ing me and started m0-@ning, while I kept my mouth on her b0-0bs and sv-ccked them while fv-cck!ng her. Then I hugged her and started moving at my fastest.

After fv-cck!ng the married girl for around 6-8 minutes, I cu-mmed a bucket full of load in her. She was breathing heavily, so was I. I slept beside her and we looked each other in the eye. I k!-$$ed her gently and told her to take some rest.

We started drinking again, nu-de this time. She told me how her husband fv-cck her every day but he never k!-$$es her or makes anything passionate. He just makes her lie and fv-cck her hole. She also told me that her husband has an affair with his ex, who is married to someone else. But no one says anything to him. And even though he does it, he is extremely strict with her and never let’s her talk to another man.

Presh started crying again, and I took her face in my hand and k!-$$ed her.

She k!-$$ed me back and said, “I wish we could be like this forever.” I knew that cannot happen.

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