Confession: It All Happened Suddenly, I Slept With My Married Office Colleague – 3

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Her husband would come after the marriage tomorrow and take her away. He would stop her from talking to me again.

I was sad again and wanted to make the best out of today. I took her on the bed again and started l!-cck!ng her pv-$$y again. This time, she didn’t stop me. I l!-ccked till she c-ummed again, then I k!-$$ed her l!ps with my cv-m filled l!ps. She asked me to fv-cck her again.

This time, I made my college bestie stand, bent her on the edge of the bed, held her long and thick hair and rammed my d!-cck inside in do-ggy style. As soon as I reached inside, she left a loud m0-@n. I pulled it out and started ramming again.

After ramming her 5-6 times, I started fv-cck!ng her at a continuous pace. I kept fv-cck!ng my college best friend while her cv-nt juices were flowing out through my d!-cck. The hot juices were making me excited while making it easy to ram her.

As I had already cv-mmed 2 times before, I could hold out longer. I was fv-ccking her for about 15 minutes when Susan said, “Hey, what are you both doing. She was angry, and expected us to stop.

I wanted to stop but my body wouldn’t. I kept fv-cck!ng her for another five minutes while Susan left feeling disgusted. Finally, I c-ummed inside her. I asked her what should we do about Susan. She said that she will handle it.

She dressed up and went to talk to her. I don’t know what she told her, but Susan made sure no one came near our room again that night. We fv-ccked like there is no other day, and then slept hugging each other nu-d3 in the blankets.

Susan came and woke us up in the morning. My d!-cck was erect, so Presh sv-ccked it right in front of Susan. Susan smiled and said, “Don’t be late, get ready and come to the venue.”

I fv-ccked Presh mouth and then her pv-ssy again two times and then we finally went to the venue.

After lunch, her husband came to pick her up. She didn’t talk to me in front of him and I also kept my distance from her. Finally, she left and we lost contact again. Yesterday, I received a message of Facebook from a fake account which she created. She told me that she was pregnant, and that she hopes that this is our baby, not her husband’s.

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