My Boss Asked Me To Convince A Client Or Lose My Job, I Did In S3-xy Fashion – 2

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She messaged Rocky to meet her for one last time, she literally begged him for a chance and he finally accepted. They decided to meet at his place instead of going out and wasting his time.

The next day, she was tensed and nervous thinking about what she was going to do. She told to herself that she was doing this to save her job. She picked the most slu-tty dress she had and got ready. She looked like a bomb with a deep cl3-@vage! That dress became bit tight as she put on some weight after her breakup.

Just imagine a lady with the figure of 36-32-34 in a tight red dress, b0-0bs giggling while walking. You could call her a ‘proper chubby slu-tt’.

The receptionist girl reached Rocky’s house and was greeted by their watchman who kept staring at her b0-0bs shamelessly and also adjusted his d!-cck in front of her. She was led into a beautiful villa, she was amazed by the richness of Rocky’s family.

After waiting in the hall for a few minutes, Rocky came and greeted her with a drink which she readily accepted it. They started talking about casual things and she got to know that his parents were out of town for a week and he was left alone in that house.

Cherry started getting tipsy and Rocky realized this. Rocky started staring at the receptionist’s slu-ttyy body, her curves, her plump a$$ and lovely b0-0bs. He started getting h0-rny and kept his hand on her thighs. This was what she was waiting for! Cherry also kept her hand on his thighs and started moving her fingers toward his hard d!-ckk.

They both continued their drinks and were in swing. Suddenly, she pulled him towards her and stated k!-$$ing him. They continued for some time and by the time they stopped, her b0-0bs were out of her dress and were getting squeezed by Rocky. Cherry m0-@aned in pain but didn’t stop him.

Rocky kept pinching the receptionist’s n!-pples, biting her b0-0bs like an animal. She undressed him and got more excited looking at his d!-cck. The only d!-cck she saw till now was her ex’s which was half of what she was seeing now.

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