My Boss Asked Me To Convince A Client Or Lose My Job, I Did In S3-xy Fashion – 3

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Cherry quickly grabbed his d!-cck and started sv-cck!ng it like a cheap s|ut which she never thought she would become! Rocky closed his eyes and was enjoying his s|uts tongue on his d-!cck. She was in bliss while swallowing his d!-cck – a 26-year-old curvy s|utt gulping the balls of an 19-year-old like there was no tomorrow.

They continued their drinks and were out of senses now. Rocky pulled her towards his bedroom and started fv-ccking her wet pv-ssy. It was so wet that he just slipped inside. Her chubby pv-ssy was dripping wet, so fv-cck-able that he kept on banging her for what felt like eternity.

Cherry being a good s|utt kept screaming with every shot she got which only increased his hunger for her pv-$sy. They were talking dirty, he kept calling her a roadside s|utt, m!lf, wh0-r3, a s|-ut who needs many d!-ccks in her pv-$$y and can satisfy a group at once and many more dirty abuses for which she kept m0-@n!ng and encouraged him.

After fv-cck!ng for an hour, he came all over the college receptionist’s belly and pv-$$y. He was tired after such a good fv-cck but she wasn’t. She started abusing him calling him a wh!mp, pv-$$y who can’t fv-cck properly and started laughing by looking at his l!-mp d!-cck.

Slowly, she came near him and started sv-cck!ng his d!-cck to make it hard. She got things in her control now. She held his ba||s and squeezed them hard with one hand and with the other squeezed his d!-cck.

The pain was unbearable but he loved it and got hard instantly. Now she forced him to lie down on the bed and started riding him hard, literally jumping on his d!-cck. She loved watching him in pain, and experienced a pleasure like never before.

After fv-cck!ng for like 20 minutes, he came in her pv-$$y. She then got off his d!-cck, cleaned it with her tongue and sat on his face to get face fv-ccked while cu-mm dripping off of her pv-$$y and after a few minutes, she squ!-rted like a river.

Cherry bent on Rocky while holding his ba|ls and told him that he has to join in her college and she would be all the pv-$$y he needs, for which he immediately agreed. She was happy and k!-$$ed his cv-mm-smeared face and dressed up and left.

This time while leaving, she looked at the security guard’s d!-cck and winked for which he blushed.

This is how a good lady who was working in a reputed college turned into a h0-rny s|utt while trying to save her job.

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