I Am 67, Dying And In Love With A g!g0l0 – 3

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Both also dressed like herbalists with markings on their bodies!

I shouted Wunmi’s name and he pointedly ignored me, eyeing me coldly before turning to face the herbalist with him…

“Baba, this is it. She is the last piece in the puzzle. Please make my dreams and that of my wife here [points to Adebola] to work. We want immeasurable wealth!”

I didn’t know what happened to me right then. But being hit with two information; [Wunmi was using me for money making rituals and Adebola was actually his wife] shocked my heart and I lost consciousness.

I woke up after 4 days in a hospital.

The police, who had rescued me just in time before I was slaughtered by the man I had given my heart and trust to, had been on the search for a top politician who had been kidnapped by the ritualists and had rescued me along with the man and a few other people who had been prepared for rituals that night.

They should have just allowed me die that night!


I felt useless! Or only useful for rituals!

Police investigations revealed that Wunmi and Adebola had been married for 13 years without being able to have kids. When they sought traditional medicine people, they told them they needed to carry out some sacrifices to have children and become stupendously rich.

I was the one they both chose as their sacrificial lamp.

As Wunmi told me to my face after I visited him in prison, I should have been happy that I had found a use for my life after being useless all my life!

Three years passed before I was able to think about coming out from the shock and trauma of the whole incident.

I decided to travel around the world.

I am rich. I could easily afford it. I started spending my money without thinking of making plans for the future or anything else.

By the time I was 60, I had no close friends, family didn’t want to have anything to do with me and I didn’t have a man.

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