I Opened My Thighs For Cleansing And Nothing Is The Same Again – II

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“Are you a small girl?” he said, chaperoning me to the bed.

I was sweating in the air-conditioned room.

“Calm down,” he pleaded.

There were a few minutes of silence during which he used his eyes to remove my top, unhook my bra and thereafter got rid of my trousers.

“Please sir let me go.”

“I’ll take care of you, Abolore. Just cooperate with me. I genuinely love you.”

“Please let me think about this. Please do not force me.”

“Do I look like a violent man?”

“Just let me go. I’ll give you my feedback.”

He actually let me go that day and he never bothered me for the next one month. My allowances were doubled and I got regular gifts. With time, I started feeling there was no harm in giving him a chance. My last boyfriend was a disappointment, I found out he was cheating with a girl that was supposed to be my best friend.

In the fourth month of my working with him, Mr Johnson invited me again to the guest house. This time, he was not in his briefs so there was no shock that prevented me from taking in the details of the room. There was a kingsize bed, a 46-inch television was mounted on the wall and there was a work station. A sofa also stood not far from the bed. The room was painted white and smelt like menthol.

“Are you ready to open your thighs for cleansing now?” He asked distracting me.


“Come and open your thighs for cleansing.”

I smiled, understanding the imagery he was painting.

“My thighs are not dirty.”

“Let me be the judge of that.”

I moved closer and we started with a light k!-$$, but in no time every form of clothing on our bodies flew in different directions. I screamed wow on seeing his pen-!s. It was huge, I had never had anything like it before. As if he read the fear in my eyes, he said: “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” And he was really gentle as I did a double bounce, d0-ggy and reverse cowgirl on his d!-cck.

From then on, we had s3-x regularly, even in the office when he had dismissed every other person. Soon I missed my period.

“What will my wife say?” was what he told me the day I told him.

“I thought your wife was long gone.”

The expression on his face showed clearly he lied to get into my panties.

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