My Neighbor Is After My Husband and I Cannot Do Anything About It – 2

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He started taking only contracts that would enable him spend more time with his family. I thought things would go back to normal but they never really did. My husband and I grew apart more and more. I realized that he was always trying to forget me sleeping with another man.

For 6 months we didn’t have sx*. And when we did,he cried after. I felt so worthless and regretted my actions. I even started thinking of divorce. My friends blamed me for owning up to my indiscretions. They said I should have denied it to the later cos my husband would never forgive me as men do not truly forgive cheating by their wives.

That was about five years after our marriage. It was a truly difficult time for all of us. Until one day, I noticed that our new neighbor that is a single mother who happens to be from the same town was becoming close. The woman has two teenage children but every time she needs something she calls my husband.

Calls my husband to buy fuel,to help her when her car has issues. They call each other sister and brother but I see the woman seriously f|!rt!ng with my husband. When I complained to my husband: his answer was: not everyone cheats on their spouses.

That statement broke me. But I have to swallow it. I caused it. So I watch that woman all over my husband. Sometimes she cooks and sends to us. Knowing its actually for my husband. I want to warn her but I know it would upset my husband. But what can I do? How do I stop this insult?

Its only a matter of time before this woman sleeps with my husband. That is if they have not already done so. So,because I cheated…I cannot complain when my husband is f|!rt!ng with another woman. I wished I never crossed that line. It feels like my indiscretions gave him licence to misbehave.

Now,I am wondering: is this what I am going to bear for the rest of my life? Should I walk away? Should I confront the woman? Their behavior is making me a laughing stock in our compound yet my husband sees nothing wrong with it.

My marriage is not a happy one…

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