The Love For My Girlfriend Didn’t Stop My Lust For Her Mother – 2

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I headed for the stairs and I passed the lounge door. I could see Louise laying on a sun lounger on the patio.

I went back out of the house and walked around the side of the house to the garden and called out to Louise that I had arrived, as I turned the corner my s3-xy girlfriend propped herself up on her elbows with a big smile and said she was glad I got the message. I was too because she was wearing the thinnest pale blue bikini I had ever seen, it was all string except for the tiny triangles that covered her ti!ts and her pv-$sy. When I reached her, I bent down and k!-$sed and told her that she looked stunning. I remember to this day her exact words,

“I’m glad you think so handsome because we have the house to ourselves for the afternoon and I thought we’d make the most of it!

I needed no second invitation, off came my top and I practically dived onto the heavy wooden cushion covered lounger next to her. In no time at all we were entwined in each other, k!-$sing, feeling, stroking with our bodies pressed hard against each other. I slipped my hand inside Louise’s flimsy top cupping her right br3-@st in my left hand and caressing it gently feeling her n!-pple harden at my touch, I played with it and squeezed it until Louise broke off our tryst and in one movement pulled the top off over her head in one swift movement, uncovering her full bosom for me. Her br3-@sts were firm and pert, her n!-pples only two shades of pink darker than her alabaster skin and I latched onto the nearest one with my mouth and began to sv-cck and nibble hungrily. Louise pressed my face against her chest with one hand encouraging me to go on while she slipped the other into the waistband of my shorts and grabbed hold of my bone hard member. Her hand tugged at my tool, squeezed it, fingers ran back and forth over my end but her movements were restricted by the shorts, freeing her other hand from my head she tugged at the back of shorts attempting to pull them down but it was difficult in the position we were in to do it.

This time I broke off our tryst and stood up, pulling down my shorts and stepping out of them in no time, revealing my 7-inch tool. Louise looked at me lusciously and tugged at the ties on the sides of her bikini bottoms which gave way with no resistance and she threw the now useless garment on the floor laid on her back and spread her slender and shapely legs inviting me in. I had seen her quim many times but in the bright sunlight the light, but manicured covering of matching auburn hair seemed to shine against her skin, I knelt on the lounger between her knees and mounted her. Our l!ps met, our arms embraced each other, and my shaft found its way to her p-v$sy slot. Louise m0-@ned deeply through our k!-ss as my helmet nudged open her c-unny and slipped all the way into her wet tight c-unny. I felt her legs wrap around the small of my back pulling me deeper into her and her head bury itself into my shoulder as my boner hit her p-u$sy roof.

We were full into our alfresco lovemaking when Louise had her first org-@sm as her pv-$sy and cl!t worked in unison she cried aloud and her teeth bit down hard on my shoulder, hard enough for me to raise my head a little with my eyes closed when the opened I swore I could see a figure standing in the lounge through the patio door glass. I was too engrossed in fv-cck!ng Louise to pay any attention, instead I buried my c0-cck back into my girlfriend’s pv-$$y and carried on fv-ccking her through her cl!max. I felt her qu!m grip my c0-cck, her rocking motion was stopping me from withdrawing from her, a few strokes later she screamed aloud,

“Don’t stop I’m going to c—ummmmmmmm”

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