The Love For My Girlfriend Didn’t Stop My Lust For Her Mother – 3

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“Don’t stop I’m going to c—ummmmmmmm”

and exploded again beneath me, again I raised my head and looked up and sure enough the figure was still there watching, this time I let my eyes focus a little and through the glass I could see Elaine watching me fv-cck her daughter. Our eyes met but as if hypnotised she never moved, she just stood there, Louise unclasped her legs from my back and pulled her legs up towards her chest, the she grabbed the backs of ankles and spread her legs as wide as she could. She knew I loved this, and I knew it was her way of asking to be fv-ccked hard. I propped myself up on my elbows either side of her head and began to a$$ault her willing pv-$$y. Louise loved to bury her head in my chest when we fv-cck like this and true to form she did, allowing me to fv-cck her while looking through the glass, my pace increased and she demanded to be fv-ccked over and over, all the time my eyes were focused on Elaine watching through the glass, I couldn’t be sure but I thought I could see that she had her skirt hitched up and her hand down her knickers. Louise’s demands for a fv-cck!ng continued and with her vocalisations and her tight qu!m absolutely soaking with juices it didn’t take long for me to reach my own peak, I buried my face into the lounger cushion and pumped my jism into my girlfriends eager pv-ssy. I was gasping for air; Louise released her legs and wrapped her arms around me gasping into my ear

“That’s it baby, cu-mm for me, fill up my body with it” as twitches of my c0-cck continued inside her.

We lay there for several minutes coming to our senses before we made any attempt to move and restore our decency, when I stood to put my shorts back on I looked through the window but there was no-one there, Louise put her bikini back on and I pulled up another lounger next to hers and laid down, a few minutes passed and we heard the unmistakable sound of heeled footsteps approaching before Elaine appeared from around the corner, she was wearing a skirt, blouse tights and heels and she walked up to us and sat on the end of Louise’s lounger.

“Mum, what are you doing here?” asked Louise

“There was a power cut at school, so we had to leave early, so what are you two up to?” she asked

“Nothing really, just enjoying the sun” replied Louise before I added

“We were thinking of doing a BBQ for food, do you fancy it with us?”

Elaine thought for a minute and said

“Yes, that sounds good on an evening like this, maybe we can have desert as well, something with a load of fresh cream?”

With that she stood up, looked at me then at Louise, smiled and headed off back around the house. Louise looked at me and said that we had had a close shave, imagine if we had been caught. I laughed and told her not to worry we were fine. As Louise looked away, she gasped,


just loud enough for me to hear, I asked her what was wrong, and she pointed to her bikini bottoms and sat up and turned to face me. Her pale blue bikini bottoms had a large dark blue wet patch on the front, right in front of where Louise’s cv-m filled pv-$$y entrance was. I didn’t dare say that I had caught her mother watching us through the glass and that I thought she was mastv-rb@ting!

The following evening, we arrived at the stops club about twenty minutes from home at 7pm and set up Elaine’s singing gear, she did the quick sound check and she was ready to go by 8pm. I had seen Elaine dressed to sing countless times before, I had even seen the red tight-fitting sparkly dress she had on before. It clung to her curves, stopped well short of her knee compared to the length of the skirts she normally wore and cut away at the front revealed the top of her chest with just a hint of cl3-@vage. She had on the same shiny skin coloured tights and her matching red. high heels, but I sensed something was different, I couldn’t put my finger on what, but it was.

I bought a bottle of red for Louise, I had a cheeky pint as I was driving and Elaine just went with a jug of water for the evening bottle of red had almost gone by the time Elaine had finished her first half so I bought another for Louise thinking nothing of it, by the time Elaine had finished Louise was rocking she had drank the two bottles and was wasted. I practically poured her into her car while I loaded up the gear and set off home. When we arrived, I carried Louise up to bed, undressed her of her outer garments and tucked her into bed, before I turned the light off, she was snoring.

I went downstairs and found Elaine in the kitchen making a gin and tonic, she offered me a beer and I told her I was to leave the gear in the car until the morning but I was going out to lock it. I was staying over anyway so it didn’t matter. When I came back in the kitchen was empty so I headed for the dimly lit lounge and found Elaine sat in one of the big leather chairs opposite the one she usually sat in, she had her G&T in hand and her legs were crossed with one knee over the other with her heels still on. She pointed to my beer and I sat on the sofa at about 45 degrees to her. I sat there deliberately so I could admire her legs. Nothing was said for about a minute until I broke the silence.

“A penny for your thoughts?” I asked her, and for a moment the question hung in the air as Elaine weighed up her answer

“Is my daughter a good fv-cck?”

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