The Love For My Girlfriend Didn’t Stop My Lust For Her Mother – 4

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she replied looking directly at me, it was my turn to pause now, it was confirmation that she was watching the day before.

“Your daughter is not a good fv-cck as you put it, she is a fabulous lovemaker” I replied not wanting to seem cold about mine and her daughters s3-x life. My eyes scanned up and down Elaine’s legs and up to her br3-@sts. She thought for a moment smiled and nodded and then said

“A penny for your thoughts?” before taking a mouthful of gin.

In that millisecond my mind exploded. Was she testing me? What did she want to know? Do I go with a non-controversial answer? And then it just came out.

“I am wondering if you wear stockings, what it would be like if you knelt over me and shoved your pv-$$y in my face before I hitch up that dress, bend you over the sofa and fv-ccked you from behind.”

For a moment my words hung in the air, then Elaine uncrossed her legs, leaned down and put her drink on the floor. Very deliberately she always stood up keeping her eyes on me and walked slowly over to me and stopped about two feet from me.

“Close your eyes.” she instructed me, which I did immediately. I could hear a soft shuffling movement for a few seconds and then it stopped.

“You can open your eyes now.” I heard Elaine say. When I opened my eyes Elaine leaned forward, I could see that she had something in her right hand but could make out what it was, then she raised her hand to my face and pressed something soft and warm over my nose, at the same time I heard her say

“Is that what you want? My pv-$sy?”

Instantly I knew what she had pressed to my nose, it was her knickers. I could smell what only could be described as the scent of a WOMAN! I could smell a strong sweet smell that was almost floral, I breathed in deeply savouring the fragrance, it was like a drug and I wanted more, not just another sniff, I wanted to taste and smell the qu!m that had left that delicious entree on the material. Elaine removed her knickers from my face, and I could now see the red lacy material she was holding. She slowly let the ball of material unfurl and dangle in her hand for a moment and then let them drop to the floor next to her. I was if everything was happening in slow motion, her knickers seem to drip to the floor as my eyes followed them downwards. I returned my gaze to Elaine, when our eyes met, she spoke again

“Lay down.”

Without question I swung my legs up onto the sofa and shuffled downwards until my head was resting on the wide soft arm and waited. Elaine slowly began to hitch up her red sparkling dress wiggling her h!ps from side to side s3-x!ly as if she was conducting a str!p tea-se. I watched as the hem moved higher and higher exposing her thighs that still looked firm until it reached the point where I could see two red bands of stocking elastic begin to emerge. Her legs together Elaine continued to pull up her dress revealing her pussy, My eyes lit up at the sight and my face could not hide the lu-st that was coursing through me and Elaine could see it too, when her dress had cleared her h!pa she walked forward a step so she was standing parallel with my head, raised her right leg up and swung it over me with her knee on the sofa cushion she moved her other leg to straddle me.

Elaine adjusted herself so her pv-$$y was directly above my face, I was transfixed and never moved. Even in the dim light I could see the outline of her most secret place. Her pv-$$y sat on top of a defined mound her inner l!ps protruded out of her clam running the full length of her slot each about an inch wide with her large cl!t0ris half tucked between the top of her l!ps but clearly visible, all on which had the same soft pink hue as her daughters c-unny.

Elaine’s hands took a gentle hold of my head and without another word she lowered her c-unny onto my face at the same time as she pulled my head into her. Elaine’s pv-ssy juice was already flowing, and the now familiar scent of her qu!m was far stronger. I had no hesitation shoving my tongue between her beefy l!ps seeking out the source of her nectar. I l!-ccked and probed quickly finding her hole and pushed the tip of my tongue in as far as I could, the bridge of my nose was crushed against her cl!tty and I could hear Elaine mewing softly somewhere above me. I could barely breathe with Elaine’s c-unny pressed so hard into my face and now again I snatched breath as I ate at her box. We had only been engaged in cunnilingus for a minute or so when I felt Elaine’s h!ps begin to rock back and fore, grinding her qu!m harder against my face.

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