Four Months After Wedding, I’m In Love With Our Pastor And My Husband Is Beginning To Suspect – 2

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I whimpered and twirled as I slid my right hand inside his pants. His d!-cck was huge and turgid. I loved what I felt. I m0-@ned in earnest desire.

The pumping drill began. It was not funny. Tev is endowed beneath his thighs. His deep thrusts touched my intestines, creating pain and pleasure.

I squeaked loudly. I ran commentary of compliments as we switched styles and positions. Hard d!-cck makes hot pv-$$y. I was completely wrecked yet he kept on striking until he began to grunt.

” Darling, don’t pour in me” I screeched in a wearied voice. He pulled out at once and sprayed thick sem-3n on my thighs.

I got back home late in the night, feeling great and guilty. I mused over the inappropriate adventures in the pastor’s house. I realised that I’m in love with him. Though profane, the experience was profound. Tev drilled me for 20 minutes at a go and had three rounds non stop. Unlike Fred whose erection hardly lasts for three minutes.

After five days, Fred returned home but I really wished he had stayed longer in Lagos. He noticed that I was no longer hot on him for s3-x. Neither was I cuddling him at night. He suspects that something is wrong with me. But I assured him that I was fine. My heart is with Pastor Tev.

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