He Stole My Heart With Good S3-x… And Broke My Home With Crude Theft – 2

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I stormed out of him though I was convinced that I too had never had it so good.

The communication gap between us widened for good two weeks. But one day he made the bold move by asking one of the students living in a room in the lodge to call me. I went into his room.

“What is the matter with you?” He asked as I sat on the chair in the room, playing with the books on his reading table. I didn’t answer.

He paced at the ceiling, looked at me, knelt down in front of me and started talking.

“Bola”, he called my name, “I don’t know… I just don’t know. But I guess we are meant to do something in each other’s life… I don’t know but I guess we should not just look on as if we’ve nothing in common.”

“Do you realised I’m married? “I managed to say.

“Likewise myself.”

I allowed him touch me, but we did not go beyond that on that particular day. But we fv-ccked for the second time the following day. It was even better than the first day. Meanwhile, my husband was always showering praises on Oladapo each time he came around to see me.

Within four months we could not count how many times we had satisfied our l!b!do. By this time I was virtually living in his room. I spent most night there, except when he travelled to Abeokuta to see his wife or the wife came around.

One day after we were just through with the ‘third round’, he told me something.

“Some people have been telling my wife about us…”


“I don’t know what they hope to achieve from this…I don’t really know their motives…”

“Who do you suspect?” I asked.

“I suspect nobody in particular. It must be one of those female students who has fallen out of favour with me… But she does not believe the person and would not disclose the person’s identity…”

“That should not bother you…The major thing is that she does not believe the story.”

“Let’s hope they won’t go further to prove that they are saying the truth.”

If I had gone back at the stage, there would not have been any reason to regret, not even to talk of writing this peace. But I was having a swell time sleeping with Oladapo, that going back was certainly absent in my dictionary.

Luck, however, ran against me when we made fool of ourselves right on my matrimonial bed. It was during the holiday. My husband was supposed to have gone to Nsuka for his programme. So also was Oladapo.

Oladapo for financial purpose decided to postpone his resumption by some days. And he decided to drop by before resuming, knowing fully my husband had gone. He tried to touch me. I protested. That was rather daring. “How would you sleep with me in my house. That is crude theft” I said to him. Along the way, we could not help but satisfy our l!b!do. And half way into it my husband came in.

Uptil now, I don’t understand what happened. Where was he coming from? Did anyone hint him? These and many more are the mysteries I’m yet to resolve. My husband personally drove and dumped me in my parents’ house. The resultant crisis led to the sack of Oladapo and I. I have since been miserable and lonely. I now live in a room apartment I rented near Sapon.

My greatest regret is that my husband refuses to let me see my kids. Perhaps he does not want me to corrupt them. It’s been six rough months without my kids. God, help soften his stone heart.

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