I Employed Him As My Gate Keeper But He Has Become The Gateway To My Happiness – 2

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He was surprised but I knew I was losing my senses. I wanted Yisa to make love to me. I was losing my brains and I didn’t care any longer. I was crossing a boundary and I did not have the sense to stop myself.

Yisa looked at me and started to respond. His d!-cck got up immediately. He didn’t even struggle with me. It was as if he had been waiting for this kind of opportunity too! Instead of zipping up my dress, he actually undressed me with speed and skill which showed that he was more perfect in undressing ladies than opening gates! My entire br3-@sts flung pointedly at his face. My entire body system shivered uncontrollably. His turgid d!-cck emitted some slimy drops at the tip of the cap. I grabbed his long and rock solid d!-cck and made to insert it my vag-!na.

Yisa inserted the entire length of his d!-cck into my vag-!na. I grabbed the bedsheets in an eruption of painful joy! We had s3-x for the better part of the day, doing various styles in the process. In short, Yisa was a beast in s3-xval regards. He certainly knew how to handle a woman. And that was how I started a relationship with Yisa; my security guard. Blame it on the herbal tea but I was beyond reasoning. I was discovering a part of myself I never knew existed.

I wanted him more and more. And now, at 42, I just discovered that I am pregnant for my Yisa. He loves me and treats me like his queen, wishes he could marry me, but wondered if I could condescend to marry him? First, he is of a different religion. Our families will never agree. Secondly, he could never fit in my circles. He is way below my status. I would be a laughing stock in the society. Thirdly, the age difference is also a factor. Yisa is 26 years old, though, he is so mature in thinking.

I know I cannot do anything but have this child. I ruminated over it for some days, and I have now come to the conclusion that I will marry Yisa against all odds. Though he is my gatekeeper, he is the man available for me at this material time.

I’ll marry him and get another gate keeper. I just hope I am making the right decision.

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