I Had An Affair With My Sister’s husband. Yes, It Was A Mistake But It’s Difficult To Stop Now – 2

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Stalky, muscular and ropy, Uncle Bash has a rare gift beneath his thighs. In all my past relationships, I have only come across something like this once. That was shortly before I got married.

Oh my God! Tom was a walking danger. On our first date, he took me to a hotel for treat. He had also booked a room for an overnight stay. We fro-|icked at the hotel’s poolside bar where we drank Chapman and ate salmon fish garnished with baked beans, green pepper, lettuce and shredded garbage.

By the time we finally went in to sleep, Tom undressed me ribaldly; hugged my b-0obs before unhooking the bra, pawed my pv-$$y before pulling off my pants and nuzzle my navel before taking off his boxers. I felt the weight of his d!-cck at the flange of my cv-nt as he tried to penetrate. I screamed continuously as I felt his thrusts in my intestines. To worsen my woes, he kept jabbing without break for almost one hour. I was wrecked.

But I couldn’t afford to spend the night with him. I feared I may not survive the fury of his king size man-h00d.

The memory of the date with Tom came back as I brought out a duvet from the room and covered Uncle Bash’s rapacious bulge.

I went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep. I closed my eyes, yet I was still seeing Uncle Bash’s stringy c0-cck. I rolled back and forth till I finally dozed off.

At daybreak, I prepared the children for school and their shuttle bus came for them. All this while, my brother in law was still snoring. He remained a captive of the alcoholic drink.

I , too, was still drowsy and randy. I was practically struggling to walk straight as I was feeling an imaginary thrusts in my pv-$sy. I managed to lock the door and sauntered back to my room.

Then, the costly mistake occurred. Like someone suddenly spurred by a spell, I went back to the living room, woke my brother-in-law and asked him to go inside the room to continue his sleep. He obeyed without hesitation.

Now on my bed, I laid beside him though at the other edge. Strangely, again, I stretched my hand to his thighs, subtly unfurled the duvet, and stroked his veined man-h00d.

Instantly, Uncle Bash leapt over with passion. He found me buck nak3-d and squ-!rting. Pronto, he pushed in his d!-cck. I m0-@ned loudly as I spurted fluids in torrents.

For me, it was a mistake and lustful descent to obscenity. I was overshadowed by shame and guilt. But Uncle Bash was unruffled. He told me that I tasted exactly like my late sister.

In truth, I also enjoy my lecherous obsession with my late sister’s husband. We now make love every day and everywhere as long as the children are out of the house.

Worse still, Uncle Bash is not thinking of renting any house again. He is also not thinking about remarrying. It seems we are stuck in this illicit relationship.

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