My Brother Entrusted His Mistress In My Care And I Fell In Love With Her. To Hell With Family Bond – 2

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I quaked and quivered but quickly recovered my sanity, disentangled myself and walked back to my room without uttering a word.

I sat at the edge of my bed with my head bowed in a labyrinth of thoughts. I knew what Regina wanted but I also knew it wasn’t right to do it. First, she is my brother’s mistress. Besides, this lady is six year’s older than me. I slept off in the process of wracking my brain.

Regina stealthily entered my room and ar0-used me with a mind blowing k!-ss. I tried to push her away but she came prepared. Her full br3-@sts dangled sen-svally as she sat on my cro-tch. Her wide, pulpy ar$e spread across my vibrating th!ghs while an already hardened d!-cck was piercingly searching for the slippery hole. Regina raised her bv-tt0cks, fondled my itchy man-h00d, gently rubbed it on her pv-$$y’s clean shaven la-b!a. I was lost.

She moved further down and began a rare blow-j0b. Sticky sp3-rm lined her thick l!ps as Regina let off a shrill m0-@n: ” fv-cck me now, I want it now”

I mounted her, car3-$sed her stiff n!-pples and nudged in my c0-cck simultaneously. Her pv-$$y was filled with fluids. ” I love your d!-cck” she said as the thrusts raged faster and deeper. ” I will always fv-cck you ” she continued in an uncommon fit of fantasy.

Two days later, Regina virtually relocated to my room and stopped picking my brother’s calls.

One day, Regina laid on my chest, k!-$$!ng and car3-ssing when her phone rang again. It was my brother’s call. I encouraged her to pick it. She obliged. ” I’m sorry for not picking your calls but the truth is that I’m in love with your brother, Bolu now. We will talk about it in details…” Bodunde hung up. And my phone rang almost immediately. I knew he was the caller. He started raining curses on me for sleeping with his mistress. Now, Bodunde has threatened to disown me. But I really don’t give a damn anymore. I’m in love with Regina, my brother’s ex mistress.

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