My Friend’s Fl!rty Wife Became Foxy When I Caught Her Pants Down With Another Man – 2

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I excused myself from my colleague and went home. I couldn’t hold myself anymore as curiosity got the better part of me.  I tiptoed to my friend’s house, by the window of the master’s bedroom. What greeted my sight was bewilderment. My friend’s wife was on top of the guy whining and grinding her waist on him. Her large-sized bu-m kept bouncing on his turgid d!-cck. The guy; in return; m0-@ned excitedly as he clutched her tanned a$$ with his left hand while his right kept squeezing her br3-@sts, as he apparently enjoyed every moment of the s3-xval escapade. Watching the scene triggered my manliness and I was shaken with raw emotion. Down my trousers, I could feel my man-h00d getting erect.

I brought out my phone and did some minutes recording of the act. Soon, they changed the s3-x position to the ‘do-ggy’ style.

“I needed to get a clear shot of this too.” I chuckled. As I wanted to adjust a little to get a vantage position where I would be able to capture every moment of the s3-xval rapture, I hit my leg on an object on the floor and I struggled to get back my balance, with my hands hitting the sliding window with a thud.

“Who is that?” I heard my friend’s wife asking loudly.

Confusion took over them as they quickly disengaged. I couldn’t say for sure whether; in that quick flash; my friend’s wife recognized me as I tried to bend over to take cover. I managed to sneak back to my house.

“Should I send the video to my friend or use it to blackmail Tise to have my own pound of her lustful and inviting flesh?” These thoughts were on my mind when I dozed off.

It was a soft knock on my front door that woke me up the next morning.

“Who is that?” I asked. But there was no response. Wearing only my boxers, I staggered to the door to open it. Lo and behold, it was my friend’s wife. Obviously, she noticed me last night and was here to either beg for me to keep her secret or make a quarrel for my intrusion in her private life. I wanted to shut the door, but she quickly pushed her way into my living room. She had only her see-through pyjamas on. I glared at her curvy body, her popping b-00bs, her full rounded a$s; and immediately, lust came over me. My pen!s responded to the situation as it went wild and tried to break loose from the imprisonment of the boxers.

She must have seen everything; especially the yearnings of my c0-cck which was now fully erect. She stepped closer to me and grabbed me from behind. I was still trying to fight the temptation, when she put the entire length of the pen-!s in her mouth and sv-ccked away the little sense left out of me. I made one last attempt to pull away from her. But I failed. We had s3-x.
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