My Secret Affairs With A Reverend Father Produced Our Two Children … It’s Time For My Husband To Know The Truth – 2

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Sadly, I was carried away by my reckless indulgence, so much that I compromised my allegiance to Philip, who has promised to marry me. Philip and I started dating in my second year in the university. He was two years ahead of me in school. But by the time I met Matthew, Philip had gone for his National Youth Service Corps, NYSC programme in Kano. Though our relationship was intact. What I had with the Reverend Father was meant to be a fling. In the end, I was flung into confusion.

Nevertheless, Philip wouldn’t deny me if told him about the pregnancy. After all, he still had s3-x with me recently when I visited him at his new station in Abuja. Immediately after NYSC, he got a job in a consulting firm in Karu, Abuja. We had extensive deliberations on our wedding plans. The pregnancy wouldn’t be any hitch anyway. But I knew Philip wasn’t responsible. Since we started dating, I have never been pregnant for him though we had regular s3-x while he was in school.

When I told him about the pregnancy, Philip didn’t raise any eyebrows, unlike Father Matthew, who suggested that I had an abortion.

I moved in with Philip after my convocation and we had our baby, a boy. Trouble started when I couldn’t get pregnant four years after our only child. I began to suspect that Philip had fertility issue. But I wasn’t sure.

Meanwhile, Father Matthew and I remained in constant touch. Though he didn’t claim paternity, he always sent me money for the boy’s upkeep, always apologising for being unable to be with me. He often prayed for marital bliss for me and my husband.

Father Matthew came to Abuja sometimes ago. I was happy when he told me of his arrival. He lodged in a Hotel in Maitama. I visited him the following morning. He was just getting dressed for the day but the moment I entered his room he dropped his white cassock and gave me a warm k!-$$. Priesthood jumped out of him and his man-h00d bulged out with fervour. I couldn’t resist his touch. He undressed me quickly without unplugging his mouth from mine. He made love to me. I enjoyed every thrust and truly wished he could come to Abuja regularly. I wondered how a Reverend Father knew so much about s3-x styles. For the three days he spent in Abuja, we had s3-x every morning after dropping my son in school.

Weeks later, I got pregnant. Hmmmm. Father Matthew had done it again. My husband and I celebrated the news. Nine months after, I gave birth, it was a boy again. Meaning that I now have two sons for a Reverend Father!

Tragedy struck early this year. Reverend Father Matthew died in ghastly car accident. I grieved in my heart but my husband didn’t know exactly what was wrong.

While still adorning the sackcloth of mourning, I saw Father Matthew in my dream, urging me to take his children to his parents in Badagary. Ha! How would I do it? What would I tell my husband who has been taking care of these children?

Either in a trance or in a fit of hallucinations, Father Matthew continues to dominate my dreams. It is high time I told my husband the truth. But how would Philip handle this? Even me… How can I face my husband?

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