I Couldn’t Take Her Off My Mind Until I Tasted Her Honey Pot – 2

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Her m0-@ned thrilled me. I was doing something right. As I worked on her br3-@sts, began to unhook her jeans and slid my palm inside her panties. She was wet, I thought with excitement. I slid a finger inside her and began to gently love in and out, wanting to turn her on so much that she begged me for more.

When her m0-@ns became even louder and more urgent, I knew I had her. I slipped down her jeans then squatted between her legs as I started eating her pv-$$y. She gripped my head hard, jerking her hips against me and trying to stay still. I l!-ccked and sv-ccked on her until she came. She came over and over again. I did not let up. I was not done with her pv-$$y. I shoved my tongue upward inside her and fv-ccked her. I found her cl!t, tea-sing over and over that her m0-@ns turned to screams as her juice filled my mouth.

When I was satisfied I had her, I undressed her and undressed myself. We entered my bedroom where I brought out a thick, long vibrator to fv-cck her with. As I fv-ccked her, I k!-$$ed her deeply. I then moved my mouth to her br3-@sts which I sv-cck3d eagerly and hungrily as she enjoyed more org-@sm thanks to the vibrat0r.

I made sure I pleased her completely. It was all about her pleasure. I wanted to make sure she returned for more and when she finally left and she gave me a deep wet k!-$$, I knew I had achieved that goal.

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