14 Ways To Make Your Partner Fall In Love With You

Seducing your lover might be that first rain during those harsh summer months, whether you have just started dating and want to heat things up or you have been together for a long time and are seeking for a zing. There’s this buzz, this anticipation, and a slew of goods to come. And we’ll show you just how to do it.

Whoever stated the sentences above has perfectly defined the definition of seduction. While some have referred to seduction as an art form, similar to ceramics or building (which we completely agree with), others have referred to it as witchcraft. The author of The Art of Seduction, Robert Greene, describes seduction as “a game of psychology, not beauty,” and says that “anyone can master the game.”

That is correct. Seduction is a thrilling game of desire, discovery, and satiation. It is a necessary ability in the arena of romance to spice up your relationship. When things go dry in a lengthy and monotonous relationship, it’s sometimes a seduction that brings vitality back to life.
We will all play the seducer at some point in our lives. As a result, you should start learning the regulations right away. On a lighter note, seducing your lover is a lot of fun. And here are 18 ways you and your boyfriend can enjoy yourself while learning the art of seduction.

If you thought seduction was only for the night, you were mistaken. Seduction also deepens your relationship with your boyfriend and takes it to the next level, allowing you to become each other’s fantasy and make one other’s dreams come true. All you need is the intention and some kinkiness within you to seduce your guy, and you’ll be on fire. You’ll have him clamoring for more of you in no time.

Your partner must have envisaged you making that gorgeous walk in a golden bikini someday, even if he won’t confess it. It’s a well-known fact that everyone enjoys being tempted, but no one admits it. So you can rest assured that your lover is just waiting for you to make the initial roll of the dice.

Here are some of the ways to make your partner fall in love with you:

1. Make fun of him.

It’s basic, tried and true, and it always works. Wear see-through lace nightwear and be completely exposed underneath. Allow him to tease you, but don’t allow him touch you. You might also try eating melted chocolates while licking your fingers and giving him a filthy look.

2. Experiment with the no-hands rule.

He’ll fall into your trap if your trick works. But warn him it’s against the rules if he uses his hands. That will pique his interest even more. You’ll be surprised at the inventiveness with which males can come up with solutions.

3. Give him a seductive look as a surprise.

You don’t care how you look when you’re in a long-term relationship. Your dress code is a messy bun and pyjamas. However, when he rings the doorbell the following time, welcome him with open hair and minimum makeup, and behave normally. He’ll become enthralled by the prospect. Then your job as a seductress is done.

4. Finally, undress.

Remove your bra and pantyhose before approaching him. It’s best if you act as if you don’t know what you’re doing. He’ll trail you about like a nice dog with his jaws open. This is an excellent approach to seduce a man. Just for you, some more bedroom secrets.

5. Make a romantic weekend out of it.

It’s not only about the physical when it comes to seduction. It’s also about allowing one’s mind to wander freely. To unwind. Plan a surprise vacation with him to a secluded location. He’ll be appreciative and emotionally attached to you. You’ll use a different kind of charm on him.

6. Take part in strip poker.

Also, before you start winning, make sure you lose a lot more. You’re free to add your own versions at any time. Let your imagination run wild.

7. Experiment with different bed positions.

Men adore it when women take command in the bedroom. So, on the bed, astound him with some new and daring moves. He’ll undoubtedly return to you for more.

8. Pick up a couple of erotic moves

The right dancing steps, when executed correctly, will fascinate him in minutes. You can learn a few movements and then dress sexily. You can striptease or play peek-a-boo with your body while dancing, always revealing but concealing more. Are you familiar with men’s erogenous zones? If not, why not?

9. Set the tone.

This is a timeless performance. You listen to romantic music, light scented candles, dress in a light one-piece, and greet him with roses. It may appear to be a lot of work, but trust us when we say it is well worth it. It is worthwhile to seduce a man.

10. Work as a masseuse for him

Make sure not to touch his erogenous zones while massaging him. His navel rings are circled by a kiss on his throat and a bite on his earlobes. Your touch will have amazing effects on his body. Dirty dancing is also an option.

11. Playing a role

Inquire about his fantasies and tell him about yours. Inquire as to which movie actor he considers to be the most attractive. And then surprise him by acting out his fantasy girl in real life. You’ll need all of your acting talents in this situation. You could also try BDSM.

12. Make contact with him in public

Not everyone can pull off Christian Grey’s elevator sequence in Fifty Shades of Grey. If you’re with someone, try grazing his leg with your bare feet if you’re together. Touch him beneath the table, then touch yourself subtly.

That’s enticing, suggestive, and enticing. He’ll pick up on your cues.

13. Texts that are filthy

Use texting as a weapon when he’s at work or gone. It will put him in a state of expectancy. “I want to do things to you today that are so outrageous that I can’t mention them,” say to him.

Send him a filthy text message.
Send him a filthy text message.
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14. Include enticing images in your message.

A braless top with a translucent top. A short skirt that only exposes your buttocks. This is the type of image that will jolt his sleeping hormones awake. He’ll be back home soon.


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