He Cheated On Me Few Days To Our Wedding, I Took Revenge By Also Cheating With His Brother – 2

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The k!$$ got heated fast. Chudi’s hands were all over her. He could not believe his luck. He k!$$ed her hair, neck and all the parts he could reach. He lifted her blouse and tongued her n!-pple through the lace bra she wore. She m0-@ned, closing her eyes and letting pleasure overtake her.

His mouth went further down and he unhooked her skirt, sliding it down her legs. Her panties were next and soon, her pv-$$y was open to him. Chudi buried his head between her legs and sv-cked her pv-$$y like his life depended on it. She m0-@ned and came again and again until she was drained. Chudi knew she was ready. He quickly unzipped and plunged her with his thick c0-cck. He gr0-@ned, revelling in the feeling of her wrapped around him. He could not believe he was actually fv-ck!ng Comfort. He slid his d!-cck in and out of her, stretching her, pleasing her until she cried out in bliss. He let out the loudest m0-@n too as he came.

It took some minutes before Comfort realised how stupid what she had just done was. There was no way Jerry and her could ever work now that she fv-ccked his brother. As the realisation dawned, she got up, got dressed and hurried out of the house.

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