Sweet,Wet & Juicy: The Bedroom Marathon With Veronica – 2

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I tried to focus on her pv-$$y, darting my tongue in and out of it while I rubbed her cl!t with my fingers. She climbed off sooner than I wanted, but she quickly moved and then straddled me impaling herself on my c0-cck. We both let out a m0-@n as she slid down my $haft. She tightened her cu-nt muscles as I entered her, gripping me so snugly I nearly lost it.

She got herself into a rhythm and I lay back and enjoyed her work, ever so often I would reach up and cup her br3@sts and play with her n!-pples.

She started to get off, but I pulled her back down and started thrusting my h!ps upwards hard. I wasn’t letting off that soon. I enjoyed having the woman on top. She had to lean forward and support herself, not to fall over. I grabbed her a$$ and pumped harder. Finally, she was able to pull herself off and then rolled over on to her stomach.

Once behind her I t3@sed her by running my fingers across her pv-$$y l!ps again and enjoyed the feeling of pushing my c0-cck back inside of her.  I pounded my c0-cck in hard while keeping a good grip on her a$$. I smacked her a couple of times and the way her a$$ jiggled ar0-used me even more. As always, Veronica loved to get naughty, she urged me to keep smacking her until she cried out loud, cu-mm!ng in waves.

“Faster.” She said. I obliged. The more she m0@ned, the faster I pumped, sliding my c0-cck in and out of that tight pv-$$y. I responded by pumping harder, as I felt close. I tightened my grip on her a$$ and kept going as I felt about ready to explode. A few more pumps and I shot my first load into her tight cu-nt. I shot load after load and before I was done soaking her with my cu-mm, she came again.

We collapsed in bed and after a few minutes she asked, “what would you like for dinner.”

I looked at her. She was the ideal girl but unfortunately, she could never be my main girl.

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