I Betrayed My Family And Friends Because Of A Love Affair. I’m So Helpless – 2

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When I confronted her if she used any jazz on me, she laughed an evil laugh and said I was a waste of resources. She said she realized that she worked too hard to keep me when my value is so small. Boma’s mother too started giving me issues. That her daughter made a mistake to marry me. That her daughter deserves to be with a richer man than me.

I begged Boma not to disgrace me when it became obvious that she was hanging out with very rich men. Boma would hardly even look after our child. She got a nanny and would abandon the baby for weeks while travelling all over the country. I can say my eyes are open now. I see how I lost myself.

There is no way I could have left such a caring wife if Boma did not do something spiritual to make me leave my wife and unborn child to die. Someone close to Boma’s family told me that Boma’s mother is very fetish, that she was the one behind my baby’s death, so I would not be tied to my wife even after I married Boma. They killed my baby with my beautiful wife.

My heart is very heavy. I am living in serious regret and I wish I could undo all the wrong I have done to my wife and my family. How will they forgive me for marrying a woman that destroyed our lives? Our baby? For having a child with the enemy? I am a shadow of myself and I have started to loose faith in myself cos I know God has forsaken me.

There you have it, I have not been able to tell anyone about what is happening to me because I abandoned all my friends and family to follow Boma. What do I do now? Sometimes, I feel like I have lost the right to be happy again cos all around me is fight everyday with Boma. We are not even intimate again.

We are living in such a toxic relationship, Boma is cheating on me, I am cheating on her but I am not doing it out of anything but anger and need to revenge on Boma. But I feel terrible cos I am always thinking of my wife. Our divorce is not yet concluded. I am leaving Boma but I am in so much regret….Do I even stand a chance with my wife again ?Maybe never…Or should I just forget about her and start afresh? What about our families? Will anyone forgive me for being such a betrayer?

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