My Bf Massacred Me In Front Of His Friend..Oh What An A$$ault – 2

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I halted when I saw a guy sitting on one of the chairs. He looked up, I could see the shock in his eyes but he turned his attention back to his phone.

Niyi tugged at my hand, urging me forward. I sighed, following him. He sat down and pulled me down so I was sitting on one of his laps. Then he struck up a conversation with his buddy and I was forgotten.

Well, not completely forgotten as Niyi spread my legs apart and continued his fing-3ring a$$-ault. It was humiliating, being touched so intimately in front of someone else, but it was also the hottest thing I had ever experienced. I knew I was in trouble when I felt my org-@sm building. It was one thing to be fing-3red with an audience but quite another to fall apart and explode while he watched.

I held on as long as I could until Niyi whispered in my ear, “fv-ccking cu-mm Babygirl,” and I did. I squeezed my eyes shut, muffled my m0-@n and let go as juice gushed out of my pv-$$y to his hand. He looked at me with a smile. His buddy did too and I could clearly see his hard on through his trousers.

They talked some more and Niyi stopped tea-$ing me. I sat on his leg, like a good girl, saying nothing until his friend left. Afterwards, I stood up while he pulled down his trousers, then he pulled me back down and I was straddling his erect and throbbing c0-cck. I bounced on him hard and fast until he erupted, cu-mm!ng inside me.

He held me that way for a while and I let out a sigh. To think I came over to tell him I wanted to break up with him.

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