My Husband Wants His Friend To Have S3-x With Me While He Watches Us – Pls I’m Going Crazy -2

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It was Kosi my husband…he had his manh-h00d out and was fv-ccking a girl. His friend too was doing the same thing to another girl. They were clearly having a s3-x party or something cos there were about four girls all having s3-x with my husband and his friend. I rushed out of the room in panic and fear.

What kind of man did I just get married too. My brother was right after all. But here I was, married and pregnant. What am I going to do? I locked myself in the bathroom and cried until I fell asleep. I woke up like three hours later, it was Kosi who was waking me up. I pounced on him and started curs!ng him for deceiving me and being a swine.

Kosi pushed me off him and said he never deceived him, that it’s his life. That he does not believe in having s3-x with only one person forever. That it will be a boring life. That he is a man and he can do whatever he likes. I was too ashamed to tell my brother or any of my family member.

I only told my friend who advised me to leave Kosi alone. That as far as he does his duty as a father and husband, I should not bother myself with his promiscuous lifestyle which is common to men. She even advised me to make sure our s3-x life is not boring so I can always satisfy my husband since he likes variety.

I later found out that Kosi lifestyle is like that. He has women everywhere at his beck and call. And his friend, Obi is his partner in crime. Well, I took my friend’s advice and tried to overlook all these but it truly hurt me every time I think about it. Apart from that, my husband provides and takes care of me and my baby. So, to outsiders, I pretend to be ok, they even praise him for being a good man cos he is quite generous in giving.

When I was six months pregnant, Kosi came to me with the most absurd request.

He said his friend Obi and him have a fantasy of sleeping with a married woman together. My husband asked me if I could consider him and his best friend sleeping with me. I thought he had gone crazy cos I told him never. He begged and promised me I would like it, he promised to buy me a benz if I agreed.

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