My Husband Wants His Friend To Have S3-x With Me While He Watches Us – Pls I’m Going Crazy – 3

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Everyday, he would beg and I eventually agreed cos I felt he was my husband and if he is ok with it, maybe if I agreed, he would actually be a better husband to me. I agreed and even though I was scared, I was nervous too. My husband and his friend came over and the whole thing began.

After a while, I became relaxed and got into the groove of things. Both friends took their turns and sometimes, both did at the same time. It was a strange experience but one that eventually was satisfying to everyone. Obi is also married but his wife and children live abroad.

And honestly, my relationship with my husband became better. He bought me a benz, he stayed more at home, he said he will stop womanizing if I can satisfy his s3-xual needs anytime. That I should free my mind cos s3-x is not a dirty thing as people see it. That any woman who the husband wants to explore s3-x with should count herself lucky.

We never spoke of that night again. But he always says that night was special and he will never forget it.  He says he is trying to be a better family man as long as I make sure our s3-x life is not boring. Life was normal to an extent. I gave birth to a boy and travelled to the Dubai for vacation sponsored by my husband.

Anytime my husband’s friend Obi is around, I am very uncomfortable. He noticed it and I think he enjoys it. Cos, when no one is watching, he fl!rts seriously with me. He slaps my bu-m or even pinches my br3-@sts. I feel like I am married to two men cos he’s been sending sms to me saying, that he thinks of me when he is with other women.

I don’t want to tell my husband about it cos I do not want him to think I am interested in having a thr33-some again cos I know he would like that very much. I am not a very religious person but is this normal for a married man to allow his friend sleep with his wife? My husband is a very nice man, I just do not know if I can continue to tolerate his friend trying to sleep with me all the time.

My husband and his friends believe that men like variety and so cannot be with one woman. I have heard him and his friends say, any wise wife must give her husband what he wants s3-xually so that he will not be bored easily. I do not want him to be bored with me cos I fear, he may also divorce me if I am boring to him.

My husband’s birthday is next week. I asked him what he wants for his birthday, he said a thr33-some. He said he gets turned on, thinking of another man fv-ccking me and he will be watching. I am told him, I cannot be about that kind of life, and he said he would rather play with me than other women if I agree.

I am now under pressure to agree to this or let him carry on his promiscuous lifestyle. My friend says I am lucky my husband is asking me for the type of s3-x he likes, that I should agree instead of him to go outside to satisfy himself all the time. If you were in my shoes, would you agree to this to save your marriage?

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