One Thing Led To Another, My Daughter’s Teacher Is My Sidekick – 2

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After a while, he stood up under the pretext of leaving and she stood up with him. He leant close to her and gave her a k!-$$ but things got heated fast. The k!-$$ got deeper and he was soon lifting up that proper skirt all the way to her waist.

He unhooked his jeans and let them fall to his ankles and pressed his body even harder against her. He moved a hand to squeeze the sensitive flesh of her inner th!gh. She was wet and the dampness in her panties grew and put a musky aroma in the tight confines of the classroom. He pulled down her hot pink panties and let them slide down her legs.

He lifted her off the floor and set her bare a$$ on the edge of the counter. She adjusted her skirt around her waist to display the moist dark jungle of her pubic hair. Pulling his stiff c0-cck from his boxers, John spread her th!ghs and nestled the head against her cv-nt.

John leant forward and his pen-!s pressed into the snug tunnel. The steady pressure forced it inch by inch into the delightful grip of her pv-$sy walls. Throwing his head back with a triumphant smile, he let out a long guttural, “Yeeesssss!!!”

When it reached the hilt, she felt incredibly full. After the shortest of pauses, he began withdrawing and pumping it back in. It slid easily along the heavily lubricated canal. The position of their bodies applied constant pressure to her cl!-t. Nonetheless, she squirmed in delight to maximise the friction and pleasure.

The couple was m0-@n!ng and breathing heavily in rhythm to their motion. His c0-cck was making wet, slurping sounds as he pounded her vag-!na. He fv-cck3d her over and over again until they both came hard, some juice falling onto the teacher’s desk.

After a while of holding each other, they drew apart, both putting on their clothes and both not able to believe what had just happened.

John offered to drive her home and she agreed. She looked forward to getting more that evening.

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