The Enemy Within My Marriage Is My Husband’s Bestie-Please Advice Me 3

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Since that night, I have not spoken to sister. I never allowed her touch my baby anymore.

I am in so much emotional pain. Instead of hubby to even apologize like a man, he is saying I should apologize to his sister for accusing her wrongly. I refused and she said she knew I was a bad woman and that is why she never even approved of Marcus marrying me in the first place.   I told her to get out of my house and this woman said, its me that will leave before she does. That who do I think I am for even uttering that I should leave her brother’s house. That I am the stranger here cos she is family.

Now, I know she has a serious hold on my husband…and they are definitely lovers. Cos, my husband cannot ask her to leave…instead is trying to convince me that I am imagining things and accusing his sister in-law wrongly. That maybe because I just gave birth, that I am hallucinating.

I just want this woman out of my house. Yes, I did not see them in the act but I heard them well and they locked the door and my husband was not in bed for almost 40mins before I went to look for him and found him sleeping on the floor in sister’s room.

Now, I am afraid for my life. My husband refused to give me my phone cos he said he does not want me spreading lies about his sister in-law. He eventually gave me my phone yesterday. If I call my brother, he will find out and only God knows what they will do to me before my brother who lives in Zaria will arrive.

Should I text this woman’s husband to come and see what his wife is doing in our home? Do you think that will help? Will he believe his brother and his wife are lovers? I did not see them….but I heard them…am I being paranoid?

I am just maintaining my cool but I am afraid, in emotional pain…angry…I cannot even eat the food this woman prepares. Both of them are carrying on like nothing happened. I am even afraid to sleep at night. I now sleep very light. This woman is supposed to leave next week…that is too long to continue living like this…what should I do? Please advice me.

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