The Enemy Within My Marriage Is My Husband’s Bestie-Please Advice Me2

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So, my next thought was, maybe he is checking the baby in sister’s room. I waited for like 30mins, he was not back so I went to sister’s room. I tried to open the door and realised the door was locked. I was like, but sister does not lock her door before. I knocked gently cos it was late, no need to wake my baby but no one answered.

Next thing I heard was faint sounds coming out like people making love. I swear to God, I thought my ears were playing tricks on me. I listened harder and this time I was sure, it was m0-@ns and sounds of people fv-ccking.

I started knocking harder on the door and immediately the sounds stop. I kept shouting, sister, its me open the door…this woman refused to open the door. I started shouting my husband’s name…he too refused to answer. I was like…what are you people doing o…open this door right now before I break down the door.

After like 4 mins, sister opened the door. And immediately started rebuking me, asking me why am I shouting, that do I want to wake the baby? I pushed aside, and went straight inside. My husband was pretending to be sleeping on the floor. I was like…are you people fv-ccking right?

Sister was like, hubby came to check on baby, they were gisting, he fell asleep and she did not want to wake him cos he was really tired. My God…do these people think I am a fool or I was just born today? I said…sister, come off it….you were fv-ccking my husband. Do you know this woman slapped me and said how dare you.

My husband, by this time, pretending to be waking up from our shouting, stupidly asked, whats going on here? I said….Marcus…you and your sister inlaw are fv-ccking and nothing both of you can say. My husband started pretending to be angry with me for saying that….saying am I insane for that.

I began to cry cos this woman slapped me. my husband called me insane…and these two were definitely fv-ccking. I took my baby to my room and started calling my brother for help. My husband took the phone from me and started telling me to calm down. That its my hormones disturbing me. That he is sorry he fell asleep in sister’s room but I am imagining things.

My husband said he can understand why I think both of them were intimate because it looks that way but that sister is like a mother to him so I should never think that thought. I told him sister has to go next day and he said no need cos the week is almost over.

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