My Fiancée Doesn’t Know I’m Younger Than Her And We Getting Married Next Month. Pls I Need Advice

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Yes, she was 31 years old. I asked her what is her view about marrying someone younger than her and she said, never. That she cannot marry someone she is older than cos she would never be able to see past the fact that there may be disrespect or feelings of insecurity involved. So, the best for me was to lie and say we were same age.

However my age, I am the most mature person you can meet. I finished school at age 20 and finished my masters at 23. I have been working since my first degree and I am doing well for myself. I do not want to loose Nifemi. Our traditional wedding is next weekend and still this secret is burning my heart.

Sometimes I think I should tell her, sometimes I feel I should wait until we are married so she wont have a choice after all. I felt she would see and understand why I had to lie, cos I am all she wants in a man. But sometimes I feel she might be really hurt and think our entire relationship was based on a lie.

I wish I told her earlier but I was scared shit and still scared. I need your advice. Should I take the risk and tell her, at least before our wedding next week or just carry on and when she finally finds out, hoping she would understand how much she means to me that I had to lie. I need some objective advice to help me resolve this and finally be able to get this weight off my chest.

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