N-ked,Handcuffed & Horneyy: The Pole Ministration – 2

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He slipped a finger in, drowning it in the juice from fv-ck!ng Bolaji earlier. His finger slipped in easily and I began to enjoy what he was doing, the earlier pain forgotten. He pushed his finger in and out, flicking it against my cl!t until my whole body began to tighten as I got ready to cu-mm. Before I could let go and find my release, he removed his finger in one sudden move. I gasped my frustration and he smiled at me.

“Not yet, BabyGirl. You don’t get to cu-mm just yet,” he said, then  pulled back from me. He went to his bedside drawer and brought out a slim, sleek vibrat-0r. He returned to me.

“Open your legs,” he ordered. I did as he said. I spread my legs apart and m0-@ned as the vib slipped into my pv-$$y. It was long and thin so it gave the oddest sensation. It was not actually filling me but I could feel it deep inside me. He switched it to vibrate and I cried out in bliss as the toy heated up, tea-s!ng me, driving me insane.

I was ready to cu-mm again but I feared Niyi will stop if I did. I held back as much as I could, gritting my teeth and trying to focus on the pleasure and not let go. I began to shudder and as Niyi noticed it, he quickly removed the vib, leaving me cold and empty again.

Frustrated tears dripped out from my eyes. Niyi looked at me, holding my gaze and I could see he was enjoying my torture. When he saw that I was calm, he slipped in the vib again, plunging it deeply in and out of me.

“Please, I beg you, please let me cu-mm,” I pleaded, my heart thumping and my whole body on fire.

Niyi was panting. “Not yet. Not until I have my d!-cck in you,” he said, slowing down the movement of the vib. He kept at this for nearly 20 minutes, pulling out whenever I was close. My stomach was in knots and my whole body was taut with tension.

Finally, thankfully, he dropped the vib and pulled down his shorts, lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He pushed me harder into the pole then guided his c0-cck into my hole. It only took two thrusts for me to cu-mm. I cried out louder than ever as my whole body exploded. I was shaking and even crying with relief that I was finally able to release. Niyi stilled inside me, waiting and watching me untIl I was completely drained.

Deeper, faster, he began to fv-cck me. His d!-cck felt so good inside me and even though the movement was causing me to pull at my restraints, I still enjoyed every minute. I gripped his waist with my legs tightly, holding him to me as he impaled me with his c0-cck. Finally, he came too, groaning as his cu-mm filled me.

He released me after a few minutes and I stumbled on his bed. He disappeared into the bathroom and within seconds, sleep claimed me.

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