One Good Turn Deserves Another: Two Babes, A Guy And A Lovely Surprise- 2

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He saw Rita’s hand slip downwards towards the girl’s pv-$$y and gasped slightly as Rita began to finger-fv-cck her. His hands hastily began to work towards taking off his own clothes and after a few minutes, he was nak3-d and walking towards the girls.

Rita was still lying on top of her partner who turned around to look at Ben when he climbed on the bed. Ben reached out a hand and stroked Rita’s a$$ which jiggled sed-uct!vely in the air. Rita broke away from her partner to look at Ben.

“Hello, love. This is Amina,” she said simply then returned to l!-ccking, nibbling and sv-cck!ng on Amina’s large br3-@sts.

Ben was beyond turned on as he watched them. He stroked Rita’s back and a$$ gently then moved further down to find her pv-$$y. He slipped a finger in and she gr0-@ned into Amina’s t!tss. Ben began to slide his fingers in and out his girlfriend’s dripping cu-nt as she continued pleasing her friend who was thrashing her head side to side in pleasure.

Ben kept his hand on his woman as she slowly made her way down Amina’s body. She did not stop until her head was between her legs. Rita began to m0-@n into her pv-$$y as she sv-cck3d on her vigorously. Ben could not handle it anymore. He got up to kneel behind Rita. He brought his c0-cck and stroked her a$$ with it. Rita, realising what was about to happen, adjusted herself so Ben can get access to her pv-$$y. He held on to her hips and entered her, fv-cck!ng her as she sv-ccked on another woman’s cl!t. She soon began to m0-@n louder as she came and Amina m0-@ned along with her as her own org-@sm escaped her too. Ben soon joined both women as he shuddered and spilled his seed inside his woman.

He withdrew and all three of them collapsed on the bed.

“Can Amina stay the night, darling?” Rita asked Ben.

“Absolutely,” he replied, his mind already conjuring dirty images of the fun they would all have that night.

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