We Invited A Plumber For Work..Oh Dear He Finished Me With Aplomb – 2

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He pulled them down only to reveal his thick, hard c0-cck. I felt like I could not move. I was shocked and excited at the same time by this young man’s bravado. I became even more so when he grabbed his own d!-cck and began to rub sen-sually. My pv-$$y began to throb in reaction. I l!-cked my l!ps, watching this stranger stroke himself in our bedroom. It occurred to me at some point to get up and simply leave but I was way too turned on by what I was looking at.

His looked at me as if to ask if I wanted that hard cock he was stroking. I snapped out of my shock and stood up, pulling down my panties as quickly as I could. We did not have much time. I pulled up my skirt and laid back in bed, inviting him.

I closed my eyes when I felt him come closer and in one move, he entered me, lying on top of me. He began to fv-cck me. He fv-ccked me so hard that I was dripping with juice from so much pleasure. His hands slid underneath my blouse where he grabbed my br3-@sts. He rubbed and care-$$ed them while fv-ccking me at the same time.

I forgot how dangerous what I was doing was. I was fv-cck!ng a stranger while my husband was in the same house. His d!-cck made me forgot about all that and I bit my l!ps, letting out silent m0-@ns as he fv-ccked me to cl!-max over and over again.

His c0-cck began to swell inside of me. My pv-$$y stretched even more and soon he erupted, emptying himself inside me.

Afterwards, he simply stood up and returned to work. I adjusted my clothes and continued to sit there, watching him, my whole body still hot from what just happened.

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