When girls Play: Clothes Off Less Talk, All Action – 2

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I put on a blue form-fitting dress and heels, choosing to go with no underwear.

I was directed to her room when I got to the hotel. She seemed very glad to see me and gave me a hug after she let me in. She smelled wonderful, I thought, my hands stroking up and down her back.

“I am so glad you called. I was hoping you would,” she said.

She led me to the bed where we both settled in together. Her hand began to stroke my body and soon she was taking off my dress. I was completely nak3-d underneath and she seemed pleased with that fact.

She bent her head and began to sv-cck my n!-pples one after the other. I m0-@ned, enjoying the way her tongue slipped expertly on my body. She took a break, stood up and took off her own clothes. I leant forward and touched her perky br3-@sts. She laid down and I laid on top of her, k!-$$ing and l!-cck!ng her body. I got down and she spread her legs for me, opening up her pink pv-$$y.

I gave it a slight l!ck. Her scent was so intoxicating that I soon buried my head deeply into her, l!-ccking and fv-ccking her with my tongue until she came.

Afterwards, she laid on top of me and began to k!-$$ me. Using her knee, she found my pv-$$y and began to move her leg so her knee was grazing against my cl!t. She was a pro at it and in a matter of minutes, she made me cu-mm.

We spent the night together, and every night until she returned to her country.

I knew I would never see her again but being with her was a memory I would always treasure.

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